Top iOS 8 Features You Should Wait for – Update Releasing Sept 17

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Apple had been known for innovation since its birth and they are doing the same thing in both hardware and software fields. But the iOS 7 launched last year wasn’t much innovative as expected because of the fact that most of the features were inspired by the Android and Windows Phone which users have been using already.

But with the iOS 8 Apple is set to put an end on everything bad people are talking about themselves. Here I’m sharing the Top iOS 8 features you should wait for while its update is set to release on September 17, 2014. Yes, the update for iOS 8 for all compatible Apple devices is set to arrive soon in its first stable version.


Top iOS 8 Features




Top iOS 8 Features To Wait For

Down here I’m sharing the features which Apple came with this year and its going to help you know what Apple’s innovative lab is working on. Following are those top iOS 8 features worth this year.


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This is a branding name to the synchronization feature which Apple is bringing to its devices. Whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad or Mac, you can continue doing certain things from where you left earlier on any of the devices.


ios 8


Just like you’re writing a mail on your iPhone then you can continue that on your MacBook or even on iPad. This is how Apple is bringing the two different platforms together and compatible to each other wirelessly.

Sharing with Family Members

With this feature to start with, users will be able to share apps and other things with their family members. So you can buy an app for once and then you can share the same with your family members. Users will be able to add up to six family members and this feature is definitely going to get Apple attract new customers.

Gesture Keyboard

iOS users have been waiting for long to avail the gesture typing keyboard and now Apple is all set to bring that feature in its upcoming iOS 8. It had already released related API which third-party apps already worked upon and certain apps are all set to be released like Swype, Minuum, etc. No doubt, it will bring an ease in typing experience.




Improved Messaging through iMessage

Finally Apple is learning the need of additional features in its messaging app which WhatsApp and other apps already providing. With new iMessage, users will be able to send voice notes, videos, pictures and even the location within the app itself. This is really a thing which Apple introduced to help users stick to their iMessage app for all these purpose.

ios 8 features

Health Apps

The new iPhones have new sensors which can let the device record data related to the health and Apple is all done with its work to completely offer Health apps to the users.


Apple Watch is the next device to use that data and Apple’s campaign to help users improve their health is on its way with the upcoming iOS 8.

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