Top 5 Productivity Apps for Android 2015

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You can always increase the use of your android device by having the right apps installed that can organize your work more effectively. And this is the reason why we have a separate section of productivity apps in Google Play Store. However, it could be hard to determine the best and useful productivity apps among so many as all of them seem useful to many of us. So, in order to help you in this selection process, here are the top 5 productivity apps for android that might not be brand new, but these apps are worth downloading if you want to work better on your android device.

Productivity apps

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Android

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive

Cloud Storage is now a top priority app for all the android users and while there are paid cloud storage services available, the easiest and most reliable cloud service by Google is Google Drive, with 15 GB of free storage that can be extended to unlimited storage at $10/month. You can store and share any kind of file and the real time collaboration helps to work simultaneously on one sheet instead of passing it around the entire day. This app also offers exceptional Gmail integration.


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  1. Evernote


The businessmen and other office workers just love Evernote as it is undoubtedly the best note taking app for android. This productivity app is mega-popular and is so for good reasons. The cross-platform integration within this app and the in-depth note taking capabilities offered, Evernote can simply be used for anything to increase productivity on your android device. Even the commoners use this amazing app for daily-use like making task lists, grocery lists, to-do lists and practically any other note taking requirements.


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  1. Business Calendar Pro

Business Calender Pro

Stock calendar applications included in android devices feel too basic and are only good for as long you are keeping track of birthdays and scheduled meetings. But with Business Calendar Pro you can do a lot more than just keeping reminders. This calendar app replaces your calendar app and synchronizes with your Google Calendars. The app offers standard views like month or day, agenda, event view and more. You can even customize your calendar accordingly to make your day more organised and to save a lot of time later.

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  1. Microsoft Office

Office Mobile


Who can deny the need of a word processor and who can simply suggest any app other than Microsoft’s Office app for android platform. With this app you get all the standard Office functionality including Excel, Word and PowerPoint in the mobile format of course. And along with the OneDrive app that is Microsoft’s cloud storage service, you can effortlessly sync your PC and mobile and the experience magnifies manifold if you use Microsoft Office on PC as well.


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  1. Smart Voice Recorder

Smart voice recorder

If you are looking for one app for all your voice recording needs, then you can find no app better than Smart Voice Recorder app for android. This app has a very easy and simple user interface and the available settings are very easy to understand as well. The app also includes “skip silence” feature to jump through the dead time on your recording. There are plenty of things you can do with the recordings like renaming, sharing, setting as ringtone or alarm, and lot more. So all you can need from a recorder will be delivered to you by this app.


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So these were the top 5 productivity apps for your Android smartphones and tablets according to us. You can get these apps from the links that have been provided above. If you have any other apps in your mind, you can share it with us in comments below.


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