Top 10 New and Amazing iPad Games

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Playing games on your iPhone or iPad is the best way to utilize your free time or to refresh your mind from the hectic work schedule. You don’t need to worry about the iPad games, because a lot of games are available in the Apple app store which silently force you to sacrifice your sleep and play those games. The real challenge to find some interesting games on the app store among thousands of available ones.

So, if you are also searching for some new and amazing iPad games, you search definitely ends here. Because we are going to list them here for you, just go through them and enjoy them on your iPad.


Top 10 New and Amazing iPad Games



1. Dragon quest VIII

Dragon quest

This game is very popular for iPad and you can enjoy the 3-D effects of this game. This game is related to the journey of the cursed king and this game makes its debut on Play station 2 with dragon quest VIII.

2. Plunder Nauts


Highly enjoyable game for iPad, you will enjoy it that much so that you don’t care about your important work. This game requires high concentration and if you are a player you have to get experience points but not the ship. You can collect loot to craft powerful weapons and buy more interesting upgrades.

3. Fates Forever



Fates Forever is the best suitable for those who loves to play action games and if you are one of them let’s check it out. You can play this game with your teammates by swipe, draw, and tap crazily to slay on your enemies. You can customize your game by changing heroes with more than 40 incredible items and vestiges.

4. Bubble Witch Saga 2


Bubble witch saga 2 is a bubble bouncing magic game for your iPad. This game is completely free to play, but some of the bounces and extra lives need payment as well, But you can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in app purchases. In this game you have to face the special boosters and bubbles to help you to pass the tricky levels.

5. Table Tennis Touch



This is one of favorite game of those people who love to play table tennis. But due to the game’s high speed and graphics it runs only on few of iPhone versions like iPad 2, iPhone 4s or 5th Gen iPod touch.

6. Word Monster


This game is completely free to play and you can play this game with your friends and create a competitive world around you, then top two players in each division are promoted and bottom four players are demoted. You can enjoy the many numbers of themes available in the game.

7. World Of Tank Blitz



This game is completely free to install in your iPad. This is an action game, where two or more numbers of tank fights against each other. You need to manage your crew to get the most out of their tank. It does not need any timers, energy bars, or fuel  and you can enjoy this game as much you want.


8. King Of Course Golf



Be a king of this game by scoring high points and have fun playing golf on the go. Make your own friends and challenge your buddies to see that who is a real king. You can also get that advice from your partners and can put an advice test when you got confused between them.


9. Family Guy: Quest For Stuff



Family guy is a free social game that gives you various quest levels to clear and create your own house to full fill your needs. You can connect this game with your partners or with your friends easily.


10. Honor Bound



Last one in the list, but interesting one, It’s completely free to play on your iPad. You can choose your squad as you battle and collect 100’s of heroes. You can easily engage with a combat system that puts emphasis on strategy and action, and battle with hundreds of different enemies, monsters, and demons!

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