Top 10 Free VPN Services

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VPN service means virtual private network extended as a private network across a public network. A VPN is a private network that uses a public network for connecting remote sites or users together. The VPN uses “virtual connection via internet from the business private network to the remote site or an employee. In simple words VPN can be explained as a group of computers that are interconnected so that they can communicate with each other. Mostly it’s just a mean the network, which can’t be found on the public internet.

These days VPN is widely used for telecommuting by allowing employee to remote in from home and work as being a part of the network. It is also used by gamers. VPN also provides an internet security which allows people to use the internet freely.


A VPN service allows a visitor in china to log in to their Facebook and twitter account despite the fact that both are banned in china user can still access it.



Top 10 Free VPN Services


1. Hotspot Shield Free

Hotspotshield free vpn service


Hotspot shield is a well known service for providing free VPN service. The free version of hotspot field is ad supported, but still works best. Hotspotsheild has a lot of exciting features, it will work on your PC, Mac, and iOS and android as well. This service also warns you if you are accessing any website that has malware or phishing.

2. CyberGhost Free VPN

Cyberghost VPN service


Cyberghost is a free VPN service from Germany. This service works for 1GB traffic for every month in free version of but if you go for paid version you can increase it up to 10 GB. This can work on all operating systems.

3. Your Freedom

yourfreedom VPN service

Your freedom is a free VPN service which can also be used for what is inaccessible to you. It can also hide your network address from those to whom you don’t need to know. This service allows you to use it for up to six hours in day or maximum 15 hours in a week.


4. Security Kiss

security kiss

This supports a data limit of 300 MB data transfer per day. You need to just download and install it once and it works for you, but one the biggest drawback of this service is that it can only work on windows. It protects you from online identity theft and secures your passwords, credit card numbers and online shopping details.


5. Open VPN

open VPN free Client


Open VPN is also the one the good VPN service provider. It allows you to access restricted websites at your LAN connection. This also provides the highest level of security and privacy. But it works only on windows and Linux .It doesn’t work on mobile devices.


6. Ultra VPN

ultra VPN

This is a free VPN service from a French client. It can hide our connection from unwanted ears and allows us to use the blocked applications. You need to download and install tit and after creating a username and password you can use this service freely.

7. Packetix.NET

packetrix vpn client

Packetix is a Free VPN service from Japan. This service is considered a fast and reliable service. It’s very easy to use this service.

8. TunnelBear

tunnelbear free vpn

This is described as an easiest and free VPN client.It gives you access to any site which is restricted. Here you will get 500mb per month.



While working with USA IP, there is not any need for registration if you are working as free user. Just download the USAIP.pbk file. And double click on it. But the biggest problem every user face on it is that one needs to reconnect the USA IP after every 7 minutes.





This is Java language software, but still, it’s found very good software. This service allows you to surf over internet hiding your address and using the static address. This offers a good level of security while visiting the restricted websites on your network.

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