Top 10 Best Linux Distros

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As you all know that Linux is just a kernel and to install Linux you need to have any Linux Distribution to combine it with and form a full package. These Linux Distributions, often called Distros, make Linux way more flexible than Windows and Mac OS. But with large number of Distros available for Linux, choosing the right one is difficult as each offer different customization options, package tools, desktop environment and more.

So to help decide we have picked out Top 10 best Linux Distros that you might be interested in using.

 Top 10 Best Linux Distros

  1. Ubuntu

Though not the first distro to be designed for Linux users, but unarguably the most popular at present. Based on Debian but with its own software repositories, Ubuntu is a well known modern Linux distro that offers its stable LTS release every two years. The distro features a unity desktop and provides a solid desktop experience to Linux users.



  1. Linux Mint

Linux Mint uses Ubuntu’s software repositories and hence same packages are available on both of them. But rather the Unity desktop of Ubuntu, Linux Mint uses MATE desktop and this distro also includes few media codecs that Ubuntu lacks.

linux mint

  1. Fedora

Fedora is another very capable Linux Distro for the experienced Linux users. This Red-Hat supported community Linux Distro now prioritizes server-based features, hence making it more advanced Distro.



  1. Debian

Debian is made only of free and open-source software, and working since 1993, it has come a long way working with Linux kernel. Compared to Ubuntu or Mint this one is more stable distro.


  1. OpenSUSE

This one is another old timer as Debian and is visually very pleasing. Although it is not as use friendly as Ubuntu and Mint, this distro is best suited for an enterprise desktop.


open SUSE

  1. Mageia

Mageia, also known as the Mandrake Linux Distro was the first every day Linux distro to be designed. Backed by a solid community built, this distro brings a lot of options for advanced and more experienced Linux users.


  1. Sabayon Linux

This one is aimed to give the users a taste of Gentoo distro and offers rich features built on stable and mature foundation. Sabayon delivers the slickness and power of Gentoo quite well making it a user-friendly package overall.


  1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux

This one is a commercial Linux Distro intended for workstations and servers. This commercial distro is based on Fedora and is designed to be a more stable platform offering Long term support.

Redhat enterprise

  1. Rosa

Rosa distro is developed by Rosa Labs based in Moscow. The main focus of this distro is KDE desktop but with a lot new customizable options available.



  1. Slackel

This one uses tools from Salix OS Distro and software from Slackware’s current branch, and together making it a desktop friendly package.



So research the above mentioned Linux Distros, know all about them and then select the one that best suits your needs as Linux user.


So these were the top 10 best Linux distros according to us. We hope tat you like then all and try out each and every one of them to find out the one that impresses you the most.

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