How to Solve Android 4.4.3 Issues on HTC One M8

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HTC recently launched the updated as well as modified version of Android 4.4.3 for HTC One M8 users. No doubt the update contained a lot of exciting features like File Explorer, new wallpapers and ringtones etc. However, along with these new exciting additional, there were many bugs as well as problems which crawled into the M8’s software. Many users similar to me faced a lot of problem in the regular working of this mighty device and made us to rush to the service center for getting it repaired.


HTC One M8


The problems that most of the users faced were not simple but severe ones, some of which I am going to mention now. The most annoying among all the other was that my HTC One M8 stopped charging with an error message which stated that the phone cannot charge in USB host mode. This was pretty annoying since my device was not connected to the PC still the message appeared again and again when I connected to the regular charger. The next problem was with the car mode. The phone automatically went into the car mode and the only way I was able to stop it was by disabling it. Last but not the least was the auto rotation problem. I do not prefer auto rotation on my device, but this bug rotated my screen even upside down even when the “Auto-Rotation” mode was turned off.


However, all these bugs really disturbed my mind as well as the normal functioning of the phone. But at last, I came up with a solution to all these problems. I noticed that the phone was charging when it was turned off. So there was no problem with the hardware. Here, I am going to share some of the ways by which you could easily get over all such problems.


Steps to fix Android 4.4.3 issues on HTC One M8

Factory Reset

The first and the simplest way to get rid of all these problems is resetting your device to factory settings. You can easily do this by going to Settings -> Backup and Restore -> and then choosing the reset option. This will reset your device and will solve your problems instantly. Make sure you backup your data before you reset your device.


Reset HTC One M8


Safe Mode Restarting

However, in my case, the factory reset did not work and I contacted HTC engineers for help. The next solution they told me was to restart the device in Safe mode, use it for few hours and the restart in normal mode. Here are the steps to start your HTC One M8 in Safe mode.

  • Turn off your HTC One M8
  • Press the Power Button to turn it on and then Volume down button when you see the HTC logo
  • Keep them pressed till you see the home screen. There will be a “Safe Mode” note at the bottom.
  • Now use the device for few hours and then restart it in normal mode.

HTC One M8 Safe mode


Hard Reset your Device


This is the last and the most effective method to solve this problem. The simple reset may solve some of your problems, but it is not effective as the hard reset. Hard reset even deletes the portions which are untouched by soft reset. Here are the steps to hard reset your HTC One M8.

  • Turn off your device.
  • Press the Power and Volume Down button at the same time till you see a screen with three Android bots at the bottom.
  • Now select the factory reset option present on the screen with your volume buttons and then click the power button to select it.

HTC One M8 reset


These all steps will solve your problem. However in case you still face the problem you can visit the HTC service center to send the mobile for repair or downgrade it back to Android 4.4.2. So these were the simple steps to solve Android 4.4.3 issues in HTC One M8. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and could also follow us on various social networking platform in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

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