Soccer Hero APK Download for Android

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Here we bring you another superb soccer game for football fans out there. Soccer Hero 3D is one of the newest and trending game which takes you to a new world of Football. However, the style of the game as well as the development is more or less similar to New Star Soccer, but with better 3D graphics and better gameplay.


Soccer Hero APK


In Soccer Hero, the user has to create a player then manage everything about him. Starting from the contract that the created player signs with the club to the things he buys for himself like drinks, shoes etc., and his relationship with other players, coaches and fans and what not. You get everything you wish from a Football simulation game. Various actions and decisions you take gets you money and develops your player and makes him famous.


So here we bring you the Soccer Hero APK file which you can use to install the game manually on your Android devices. But, before we give you the file, here are some features of the game.

Soccer Hero APK Features

  • Experience the life of a soccer hero and get immersed in his history and career from his growing stages to international cups.
  • Impress various agents and make your way to the top by getting selected and playing for top clubs.
  • Buy villas and cars similar to normal football stars.

Soccer Hero Android

  • You can train your player in order to improve his skills and make him the top scorer of the league.
  • Superb graphics controls, really addictive gameplay and outstanding longevity makes this game a must play for every soccer fan.
  • Control the player with your fingers and with the help of on screen buttons for aiming the ball towards the goal.

Soccer Hero APK Download

The game is not very big and one can easily download it on their smartphones and tablets. However, if you face any problem in direct download or wish to run the game on your PC or sideload it from computer, you can download the Soccer Hero APK as well as the OBB file from the links that we have provided below.


Soccer Hero


Soccer Hero APK


Soccer Hero OBB


All you got to do is to transfer both these files on your smartphone or tablet. Place the OBB file in Android>OBB and the APK file anywhere on your SD card or internal storage. After copying is finished, run the APK file and the game will install.


Soccer Hero Features


That is all. The game will be installed and then you can start it from your app drawer. So, be the player you always wanted to be and taste the sweetness of success by taking your player to the top. Please share your reviews about the game in comments below. Also, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook for regular tech updates similar to this.

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