Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – Improved not Increased!

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Samsung galaxy note series started in back in the year 2011 which constituted a remarkable position in the marketplace. At that place were many talks on the phone, mainly on its size, people were arguing about it as many of them had an judgment that it’s too small to be a tablet and many thought it was big and not too handy.

In between this Samsung made a mind to launch another phablet Samsung Galaxy S5 with 5.1inch screen which did not look bigger as it did before 3 years and was accepted widely. People loved carrying such phones.

Samsung galaxy note 4

Then Samsung continued its series with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 sized 5.7inch and after it Samsung Galaxy Note 4 came into the queue which was sized similarly as Note3 but the deviation was the display quality which was enhanced as compared to Note3. Therefore, it can be stated that in Note 4, Samsung did not pay much attention towards the size, but improving the quality was the primary objective of the troupe.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

If you are intending to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then let’s gets to the inspection for better decisions.


Note 4 is quite similar to Note 3 is terms of size and weight which is 153.5×78.6×8.5mm and 176gms respectively. Its shape also precedes Note3 but its chassis is made of premium tone and metal rim around the physical structure is making it look more precise, plastic body is substituted by a higher quality fabric which is granting it a saucy expression, but the backrest cover is the same i.e. flax- leather achieves which looks cool but doesn’t experience that well while applying.


Being equipped with 2.5 GHz quad core Snapdragon 805 processor coupled with 3GB RAM and 6LTE chip inside the chalice is a high performer and doesn’t lack anywhere during playing games or whatever kind of surfing.


You can easily watch videos, play games, lots of downloading can be done with lots of multitasking. It doesn’t slow down anywhere and you do not have to wait for accessing the phablet which deserves a thumbs-up for this.



The camera of the smartphone is improved highly from 13MP it has got hold of a leap to 16MP that too at the same price which adds stars to its shape. The brightness of the camera has also increased by 60%, which helps you to become more clear and perfect images.



It adds up with pictures stabilize option and you can snap a picture of a bit of paper or a white dining table and then you can make necessary changes in it which is known as snap note.




Front facing camera is 3.7MP which allows clicking pictures of you as selfie has been on heights nowadays it is a good choice for them. Its front video comes with clear recording optical stabilization feature.

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Features and S-pen

Wow Samsung Note4 had truly nailed this time on S-pen modification, the phone is divided into two categories- highlighter and fountain. Earlier  S-pen gave a feeling of writing on a piece of paper which was not that good and you have to struggle a little, but this time you have a light, flawless pen in your hand which runs smoother than ever and its sensitivity is remarkable.


It’s quite interesting when you write or sign on the screen as it looks real and seems like you wrote on the paper. S-pen gave the feeling of the mouse when I used it as when I clicked the button on the pen it got changed to a highlighter. I have never experienced such a great S-pen before and was a completely fun accessory.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with finger print scanner which is as good as Apple phablets. Its sensing is accurate and for an average person it’s quite easy too.


Wrap up

Its 3400mAh battery which can be 50% charged in just 30 minutes .It has got storage capacity of 32GB which can be extended via microSD slot up to 128GB which is quite convincing.

It has a better connectivity option which includes Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC and an Infrared blaster.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be considered as one of the best phablet. Its premium looks, price and the overall performance is fairly compelling and is worth buying.

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