June 12, 2021


Technology & Gadgets News

iPhone with Force Touch Enter Manufacturing Stage

The next iPhone 6S that will feature the new Force Touch technology has enter production. Both the variants of iPhone 6s, 4.7in and 55in screen, will feature this new technology that is used only on the new Macbook Pros trackpads and Apple watch. Expected to be announced around September this year, people are very much excited about the internal hardware upgrades and force touch technology Apple is bringing to their new iPhone.

The Force Touch technology for the pressure-sensitive screens of the device measures the varying levels of pressure on the screen and then performs specific tasks depending upon the intensity of your press, whether it is a light press or a firm press. So this new technology will make iPhones perform specific actions quicker now like you only need to press the screen firmly if you have to drop the pin in Maps. In other words this new technology will help to perform different actions based on the type of touch, i.e. a gentle tap on a spot will do one action but firmly pressing on that same spot will do some other action. The apps and games developers will be seen using this technology and implementing it to enhance user experience of the same.

Force Touch technology has been in the headlines for past some time and its implementation in Apple watch and New Macbook left no doubt about company using the same technology in their new iPhone as well.

Apart from this new technology and few internal hardware upgrades, the new iPhone will carry the same design as the previous iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which means again a larger and a slimmer body for Apple iPhone. Rumours also suggest that the new iPhone might have some improvements in the device’s camera along with faster memory and processing. And though the release date has not yet been confirmed, but reports suggest the release date to be made official during September this year.

So with the new pressure-sensitive screen and hardware upgrades, Apple might be working hard for luring the customers away from other high-end mobile phones already in the market from HTC, Samsung and Sony. And while the use of this new Force Touch is yet to be seen and tested by the customers, the heat building up around it is already benefitting Apple in preparing the market for the relaxes of its new iPhone. So stay tuned to know more updates about iPhone 6s.