iPhone 6 Plus Full Specifications and Price in US, UK, Canada & India

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Today, Apple has announced its two new Smart devices in the tech world, Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. That’s odd I know, but it’s all true. Apple has announced the new big screened device with iPhone 6 Plus in the conference. The devices got a complete adorable make over with its design and processor and pretty much everything. iPhone 6 has a 4.7 Inch display and this new iPhone 6 Plus has a big 5.5 Inch Display. Following we have covered up everything about this latest big screened device from Apple, iPhone 6 Plus. Keep on reading!  iPhone 6 Plus Main


I’m sure, nobody has ever imagined a device like this from Apple, but it’s official now. Today, Apple has made a couple of interesting announcements in the conference with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The conference is still running we would update you with some more incredibly amazing announcement from the giant Apple. All we have got is the successor of iPhone i.e. iPhone 6 and a new iPhone Plus. Following are all the official specs and features of iPhone 6 Plus. Take a look on the list!


iPhone 6 Plus – Full Specifications and Features

The new iPhone 6 Plus has got pretty much the same features as iPhone 6 does. However, there are a list of other features to adore in this new big displayed smart device from Apple. The all new iPhone 6 Plus comes with a 64 bit A8 processor with 1 GB of RAM. Apple claims that it would be the best and the most faster processor ever made for an iPhone. It gives 50 time faster speed than the original iPhone. It’s the primary thing of a smartphone and Apple knows it very well.


The new iPhone 6 Plus comes with a higher resolution of 1920×1080 with 401 ppi of pixel density. You can get entertained by watching full HD movies with the super faster processor and the smoothest user experience with iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, it looks a basic thing when it compares with an Android device. There are plenty of Android devices which too has got the same features in display.


The device has a 5.5 Inch display with better edges everywhere and all around. I’m talking about the design of this new stunning devices from Apple. Both the devices has got a complete different makeover when it comes to a comparison with its predecessors. The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus designed with a brand new glass edges with curved at all the sides of the device. The devices look just stunning in the new look.


Talking about its camera, both the devices iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now allows you to record a slow motion video. Yes, it has got quite a cool camera with 8 Megapixel and a special sensor studded within. t also has built-in cinematic video stabilization to add professional touch to your recording and other things taken by the camera in real time. There’s a complete adorable front facing camera packed within this device. You can take HDR burst selfies with this camera. Apart from this, it has new continuous autofocus mode in video itself to keep the focus on object while recording a video.


There would be three different colours of the new iPhone 6 Plus, as per the officials. The new iPhone 6 Plus will be available in gold, space gray and silver. To know the things easily, we have prepared a list of all of its official specs and features. The list is given below!

  • All new 64 bit A8 Processor with 1 GB RAM
  • A 5.5 Inch Display with 1920×1080 and 401 ppi
  • Two cameras – A primary camera with 8 Megapixel and a front facing camera with HDR support
  • Optical image stabilization while taking a photograph
  • Continuous Autofocus while recording a video
  • Allows you to record a slow motion video
  • Built-in cinematic video stabilization to add professional touches
  • Available in three different colours with gold, space gray and silver

That’s all about the new iPhone 6 Plus device, a new step in a new genre from Apple. Previously, Apple had announced its iPad Mini and we have two different variants of this device already. Well, this new big displayed device will surely add more fun into your life with extra ordinary features and super faster speed on board.


With this new devices, World’s most popular smartphone makers have shown off its potential to stand on the top. Apple is aiming to gain more Apple fan boys from all over the world, especially from Asia. With this announcements, many people have started expecting the price cuts of the previous devices of Apple like iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Well, time will let us know what exactly happens in the core of Apple. All we can do for now is wait until the device comes up for a hands-on. Let’s catch the pricing and the official release date of this new device, iPhone 6 Plus. Here you go!


Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Pricing and Release Dates

iPhone 6 Plus


According to the officials, both the devices iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available from the coming Sept. 19 in nine different countries. Apple is pricing the iPhone 6 Plus at $299 with a contract of its 32 GB variant. It’s 64 GB variant priced at $399 and the 128 GB variant is priced at $499. Well, the good news is preorder for this latest and recently launched beasts from Apple will begin from this Friday. So those of you who want to buy this latest flagship from Apple Inc, you have to wait until the coming Friday. You’ll be able to book one from that day.


What’s your take folks? Are you satisfied with this announcement from Apple? Did you ever expect such announcement from Apple? Do let us know your views and opinions. You can put them into the comment sections given below. We would like to hear from you this time. You can send feedback or even you can ask us something that you want to know as well. We are always ready to help you out with proper solutions. Stay tuned with us for more useful and trendy tech updates in the coming days. We serve the best in technology!

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