How to Update Samsung Galaxy S6 Manually

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Samsung mobile phones are easiest to update as there are multiple options available for the same. You can wait for the official OTA releases to update your device or can do it manually using Odin for flashing the updated OS. Both of these methods are quite easy yet some users don’t like waiting for the OTA releases for their phone. So if you are among those users who want to update your Samsung Galaxy S6 but can’t wait for OTA release, then you can do it manually.


Galaxy S6


Updating your device manually though doesn’t void the warranty as it is official method but it can result in some issues later if not done properly. So if you are new to this thing then with the short tutorial given below you can very well understand how to update your Samsung Galaxy S6 manually. So just follow the steps given below to update Samsung Galaxy S6 manually.

Pre-requisiste to Update Samsung Galaxy S6 Manually

  • Backup the entire data stored on your Galaxy S6.
  • Enable USB Debugging on Galaxy S6 by going into Developer options in Settings Menu.

USB Debugging

  • Desktop with Samsung KIES, Odin installed on it. You can get it from Samsung’s official website. You also need to install the update package for this firmware on your android smartphone.

Procedure to Update Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1—> Open Samsung KIES on your computer and download all the essential S6 USB drivers required.


Step 2—> Now open Odin on your desktop and enter the “download mode” on your Samsung Galaxy S6 device.


Smasung Download Mode


Note: To enter into the Download mode you need to first turn off your phone completely and then press and hold the power button, volume down button and the home button together, until your phone enters into the mode.


Step 3—> Now connect your S6 device using the USB cable to your PC. On successful connection “added” message will be displayed on Odin.

Step 4—> From program option, select “PDA” and pick the software file required along with the CSC file and the PIT file if needed.



Step 5—> Once you have picked all the required files, click the “start” button and wait until your phone is flashed with the updated Android OS.


Step 6—> After the flashing process is complete, Odin will display a message “Pass” and the ID:COM will turn green form blue/yellow now.


Step 7—> Disconnect your device form the PC and reboot it.

And that is all you have to do! These were teh simple steps to update Samsung Galaxy S6 manually using Odin. We hope that you find this post helpful. Please share your views and questions with us in comments below.

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