How to Save Battery on iPhone

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Today is a Smartphone era and everyone wants to buy the Smartphone’s or owned one or two already. But our problem is not finished after buying a Smartphone because of its long lasting usage by playing games, more brightness, using messenger all day it consumes a lot of battery. Due to all these functions we need to charge our iPhone dual in day. Hence, to relieve our self from battery backup issue and too much charging try to follow the following tips written below.

How to Save Battery on iPhone


1. Turn on the auto-brightness mode in your iPhone:

fig 1

This mode will automatically adjust the brightness of your iPhone all the time depending upon the light in your surroundings.

To do this:

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Brightness and wallpapers.
  3. Move the “auto-brightness” slider on.



2. Turn off the Bluetooth

fig 2


Bluetooth used in your iPhones for transferring your data wirelessly. It takes your battery while transmitting the data from one device to another device. You could make it off when not in use because in free time it usually catches the incoming signals which also takes your battery usage.

To do this,  Go to Settings> Bluetooth option> Slide on off button.


3. Stop Motion And Animation:

fig 3


Motion and animation is the most amazing feature of the iPhones called as background motion effects. It also undergoes parallax effects which also drains a lot of battery. Parallax effect means slowly motion of the icons on your screen background. Make it off if you want to save your battery backup.


How to do: Go to, settings > general accessibility > Reduce motion.

4. Turn off the Push Notification


All most all iPhones have the services like push notifications all he time from your clients which is also a part of wasting out you battery if notifications are useless


Go to, settings> notifications> slide on OFF.


5. Turn off the Location Services



This app is necessary when you are travelling or need to search out the location of particular place but if not in use you can make it of raising your battery life.


Settings > privacy > Location services > Slide on OFF.



6. Update your software


  • If you are a user of it also becomes necessary for saving your battery by updating your software at regular intervals.
  • To check the software updates go through the iTunes and plug your iPhone with computer then check for the source list in it then click on the iPhone source list and click on the “check for updates”.
  • Go to, settings > general > software update

7. Make less use of Music, Videos, Games and Internet Browsing

If you are browsing along with watching the online videos, movies all the day songs it will again drain your battery too much and insist you to charge dual in a day. You can listen the music, watch the videos etc., from your gallery by turning Off your web services.


8. Switch off all the Messenger services when not in use

You will be amazed to know that maximum battery drain is due to your messenger services so it’s my advice if you want your phone for maximum duration in standby mode try to OFF your messenger services when not in use.

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