Hero Sky APK Free Download for Android

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Game like Clash of Clans turned out to be one of the most popular game for Android Smartphones. It is also one of the most earning game in iOS as well as Android platform. And this is the reason why many similar games emerged in no time having similar gameplay and certain other changes. Hero Sky APK is also one of those game which was made similar to CoC but gained popularity among Android gamers in no time.


Hero Sky APK


One of the best feature of these kind of online base games was they offered the player to form a team or clan and then go on a fight with other clans. And this is also the main feature of Hero Sky game. In the game, the players can create alliance with other guilds from all over the globe and customize your every hero and go on endless battles.  So here we are with another amazing game APK that you can download and install on your devices and enjoy with your family and friends. But before that, here are some Hero Sky APK features:


Hero Sky APK Features

Here are some of the highlighted features of this game:

  • You can command more than 100 heroes possessing amazing skills.
  • One can choose as well as deploy favourite heroes like Zeus and Cleopatra for defence as well as attack.
  • The game is not at all slow like many other, and in case you feel so, you can always speed it up by reviving the army just after battles.

Hero Sky Features

  • Level up your heroes and make them more and more strong.
  • More than hundred defence as well as attack strategies by combining troops in different proposition.
  • Join any guild or make a guild of your own in order to go to war with your friends.
  • Your army becomes extremely strong as it enters the Fever mode that means when you win three wars in a row.

Hero Sky APK Download

The game is available for free on Google Play Store. However, for those who like to do it manually, here is the Hero Sky APK file that you can download and sildeload it on your Android device.


Hero Sky Android


Hero Sky APK


All you got to do is download this APK file on your PC and then transfer it on your Android device. Now locate and tap on the transferred file in order to begin the installation process.


Hero Sky


After the game is installed, you can get immerse in the addictive war atmosphere and carve your path to glory. Please share your views regarding the game in comments below. Please subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

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