How To Enter Recovery Mode on Any Android Device

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Being an open source platform, with an Android device you can perform a number of tasks if you are bit into developer’s site. Android allows you to let install and try numerous custom ROM Firmwares to upgrade and get new things to your device. Recovery Mode is all about trying out different functions on your device. User can manually wipe the phone’s data, install custom ROMs, backup the devices and much more with a Recovery Mode. However, most of the people don’t know how to enter Recovery mode on an Android device. For the very same reason, we have prepared a tutorial on, How to Enter Recovery Mode on Any Android Device. Go and follow the below ways to enter Recovery Mode. 


How To Enter Recovery Mode on Any Android Device with Quick Boot app

Step 1 :


Initially you have to download Quick Boot App to your Android device. You can easily download and install this app from the following link by downloading its APK file. All the proper useful details are given into the given page as well.


Download Quick Boot (Reboot) APK

Step 2 :


Install the app on your device and open it by tapping on to its icon.

Step 3 :

Front page of Quick Boot App will be there with its most useful four different options.

Step 4 :

You just need to tap on to the Recovery option and you’ll be entered into Recovery Mode of your device after that.

Quick Boot Android 1

Note : You need to have a Rooted Android device to make use of above Android App.


Isn’t this easy? It’s the simplest way to enter into recovery mode of any Android device. Hold on, there’s one more way with which you can easily enter into Recovery Mode. Here’s the second way as well.


How To Enter Recovery Mode on Any Android Device with ADB

Step 1 :

Initially you have to make sure that Fastboot and ADB is configured on your PC before to try this tutorial out.

Step 2 :

Install ADB Drivers to your PC if there’s no any Drivers installed on it. You can download and install ADB Drivers by making a proper search on Google. It’s pretty easy task and you can simply install this drivers.

Step 3 :

Now, connect your device to the PC by using a proper USB data cable.


Step 4 :




Navigate to the above path and open command prompt by right clicking on to the display


Step 5 :

adb reboot recovery

Type above command and hit the Enter Key.

Step 6 :

Your device will turn off and will reboot in Recovery Mode. You can use Volume Keys to navigate the options and press Power button to confirm the process.

It’s quite an easy task to perform and works for all types of Android device. All it requires is a proper set of ADB Drivers installed on the PC. You can easily enter into Recovery Mode of any Android device just by following the above steps.

If you have faced any problems while performing the operation, do let us know in comments. We would surely going to help you out with proper solutions.

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