Doodle Army 2 APK Free Download for Android

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The mini militia game, Doodle Army became really popular in very less span of time. And this is the reason why Chad Towns developers are back again with the sequel, i.e. Doodle Army 2. There are a lot of new features that have been introduced in this game. The players could now rocket through the air, wield dual guns in air, kill both robots as well as hostile humans on the way etc. The new game modes also makes the game more interesting and challenging. It is one of the most downloaded games on Google Play Store and we have brought the Doodle Army 2 APK file for you using which you can sideload this amazing game on your Android devices. But before we proceed on to that, let us have a look at the features that the game offers to all its players.


Doodle Army 2


Doodle Army 2 APK Features

  • Play one of the best dual stick shooter multiplayer game on Google Play.
  • Play locally or online with three more players via Game Center.
  • Practice and sharpen your skills in offline single player mode as well.
  • Blow us as many enemies as you can in the Survival mode.

Doodle Army 2 APK

  • Fresh and improved graphics featuring tunnels, caves and many brand new structures to march into and hide.
  • A lot more movements included in the newer version like crouching down, jet around in blue sky and perform mid-air summersaults as well.
  • Many weapons t choose from including MP5, M4, SMAW, AK47, grenades etc.
  • Really interactive and simple controls make this game more addictive than before.
  • Now the player cannot carry as many weapons as he or she wishes. You can carry only two weapons at once and one of which is to be dropped while collecting a new one making the game more challenging.

Doodle Ary 2 Android


Doodle Army 2 APK Download

You can download the game directly from the Google Play Store since it is available for free. However, if you wish to sideload the game manually or wish to share the Doodle Army 2 APK file with your family and friends as well, you can download it directly from the link that has been provided below.


Doodle Army 2 Android


Doodle Army 2 APK


Installing the game is pretty simple too. All you need to do is to download the apk file from the link provided above and then transfer it to your Android device via USB cable. Now, just locate and tap on the file to install it.


Doodle Army 2 is a must have game for all the gamers who love to play dual stich shooter games on their smartphones and tablets. And the new chat feature and online play mode has made it even more addictive than before. Thank you reading this post. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

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