October 21, 2021


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How to Connect to a WiFi Hotspot in Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1

WiFi Hotspot is just a wireless hub that provides the network access to various other devices over wireless medium by making use of the routers. Some particular software is needed to create your own WiFi Hotspot in the computer or the best way to do so is through command prompt. Connecting to a WiFi Hotspot is comparatively easier than creating your own hotspot in the computer.

Connect to WiFi Hotspot in Windows
These WiFi Hotspots are the wireless networks available for the use by one or more people in general, mostly such hotspots are found in the coffee shops, canteens and hostels. If the windows discover any WiFi Hotspot within its range then it gets connected to it, if not automatically then manually, and sends information to the Internet. After the successful connection you can use that network to work on internet with it.

Steps to Connect to a WiFi Hotspot in Windows
Step 1: Turn on the laptop’s or desktop’s wireless adapter if it is off. Manual switch is available for the wireless adapter and if not then you can also turn it on by clicking the Mobility Centre.

Step 2: On the taskbar a network icon will be visible now. Click on that icon to show the list of all the networks that are available within the range. The dialog box that gets open displays not only the available networks but it also displays the information about the signal strength and security of every network.

Step 3: Find the hotspot you wish to connect to in that list. Select that network which has highest signal strength for better internet usage and fast speed. Click on it and connect to it by clicking on the connect button.

Step 4: Depending upon the configurations and settings of network and the security of it you might be asked to enter the name of network along with the password/security key for it. Enter the security key or the security phrase and the name (in case of unnamed networks) and click on connect.

Step 5: The windows will try to connect to the network and if the security key and the name entered is correct then windows will announce the connection success. The WiFi signal will appear on the taskbar after successful connection. To check whether connection is successful you can also click on the connected WiFi Hotspot network name. It will display “Internet access” if connection is successful.

Note: There are two optional boxes available. One is to save the network so that you don’t need to enter the security key every time you wish to use that hotspot and the other option is to connect automatically. You can check both the boxes to connect to the same hotspot automatically next time whenever it is in the range.

So these were the easy steps that you need to follow to Connect to a WiFi Hotspot in Windows 7/8/8.1.

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