Colin McRae Rally APK Free Download for Android

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Many of us have played this game in our PS one classic. Colin McRae Rally is among the most popular racing games that every racing fan has played at least once in his or her life. If you are among one of those fans, we have got good news for you, Colin McRae Rally is not available for your Android Smartphones and you can get it on your device for just $4.99.


Colin McRae Rally brings all the dirt, sliding and fast racing action we all were waiting for right on our Smartphone’s screen. Here we bring you a complete review of this new racing game along with the download link that you can use to get it on your Android device.


Colin McRae Rally


Colin McRae Rally Gameplay

The game offers the player four championships, the initial one being a stiff challenge. Initially the players are provided with one car and new cars could be unlocked by winning the races available in different championships.


In addition to that there are only three environments to play, i.e. Greece, Corsica and Australia. The cars are also limited and one can only choose between Mitsubishi Evo, Lancia Stratos, Ford Focus and Subaru WRX STi. For those who have played the original game will know that these are very less when compared to the cars present in the original game.


Collin MCRae Rally APK


The game looks interesting as well as brings back all the old memories, but in addition to that it also seems outdated.  The graphics haven’t changed at all and fails to impress the players. There are many other racing games available that can easily beat the PS 1 graphics possessed by the Colin McRae Rally.


Colin McRae Rally APK Features

  • Colin McRae Rally offers you 4 legendary cars to play.
  • The game has the voice of professional co-driver of the rally Nick Grist that assists you in every drive and at every stage.
  • The game offers you real time handling, car damage as well as pedal control thus making the gameplay more exciting and thrilling.
  • Play different race including full rallies, quick races as well as Championships in different regions of the world.
  • Post your best score and time to the leaderboards in order to unlock new items to upgrade your drive.

Colin McRae Rally APK Download

The game is not available for free on the Google Play Store. However, you can easily download the APK file for your Android Smartphones and Tablets from the link that has been provided below.


Collin McRae Rally Download


Colin McRae Rally APK Download


All in all the game is not as impressive as many other racing games on the app store. Still is bring backs the PS one gameplay on your screen and could be enjoyed by those who wish to enjoy that age old game in their free time. We hope that you liked this post. Please follow us on social networking websites in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

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