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Best Download Manager for Linux

No matter what your internet speed is everyone requires download manager to download all the downloads form internet in a more efficient manner. And while the download managers like Internet Download Manager for Windows are very popular but no available for Linux. Still there is no need

Best BitTorrent Client for Linux

Torrent is like an open world for downloading stuff you need in the easiest and fastest way possible. And to download a torrent you require a BitTorrent client on your system, options for which are numerous on internet. So to make your search easy we have picked

Kill Shot APK Free Download for Android

Scoring a headshot always brings an intensely satisfying feeling to a combat- and -shooter- game player, a sweet joy with all the frustration relieved. If you are someone who enjoys targeting headshots in combat games, then you must go for Kill Shot, a shooting simulation game developed

Blitz Brigade Android APK + Data Free Download

Blitz Brigade is an excellent and addictive first person online shooting game for the Android devices. The game has more than hundred unique and action packed missions and the multiplayer mode in the game allows you to double the fun by playing against real opponents. You can