How to Block Unwanted Ads on Android Apps, Games & Browsers

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Annoyed with all the unwanted ads while using your Android device? Want to get rid of such unwanted ads from apps, games and browser? I am sure you were looking for the same process since for many times. Well, it’s available not. Today from here you are going to learn, how to block unwanted ads on Android apps, games & browsers with a simple step by step detailed tutorial. We have managed to prepare this tutorial for all the users who have suggested us. Go and follow this tutorial and get rid of all the unwanted ads from your Android device. 



AdBlockPlus, the app which is completely a user friendly one to block down all the unwanted and annoying ads from your Android device instantly. The app is not officially available, however, it can be installed from its unofficial version. The app has over 50 Million users globally. Of course, there are a number of different such adblocker apps available for your Android device, however this AdBlockPlus is the only trusted app till the date.

AdBlockPlus serves a complete user friendly and decent user interface with which any Android user can stop such unwanted ads from different apps and games. What’s more do you need? You are here to prevent your phone with ads and other flashes while using your browser. Well, just like a PC, you can block such ads on your Android device too with AdBlockPlus app. See how you can install this app on your current Android device from the following simple steps.


How to Block Unwanted Ads on Android Apps, Games & Browsers

Step 1 :

Go to the official website of AdBlockPlus. There you can see a number of different options to install AdBlockPlus app to your PC’s different browsers and on your Android device. Kindly follow the below given link to download AdBlockPlus on your Android device.


Download AdBlockPlus for Android


Step 2 :


After this, go to your settings option and then go to the personal option. Make sure to allow installing from unknown sources on your device.


Step 3 :


Check the box with a single tap and do confirm it by tapping on to the Ok button.


Step 4 :


After the app gets installed, you will be asked to select the Super User Permission. Allow this option to enable the AdBlockPlus option on your device.


To run this application on your Android device, a Rooted Android device is need. If not, you have to follow the above mentioned steps wisely that will allow you to install all the third party applications to your device. It’s easy and anyone can make use of this instantly.

What’s your take? Have you ever heard about this app before? Do you use AdBlock extension on your PC? Do share your experiences with us. Meanwhile, if you have any further queries or questions to be asked, feel free to let us know. For that, put your comments into the following comment sections. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed!

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