Best Windows 10 Themes & Visual Styles Free Download

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Only a few months back Windows released its Technical Preview of upcoming Windows 10 OS. All the Windows users began downloading this preview to see what Windows has in store for them this time. And with this new demand the theme developers also started working on creating beautiful Windows 10 themes and visual styles. They released few themes for upcoming Windows 10 that can be well applied on technical preview version as well. So if you are not satisfied with the default look of Windows 10 and want that little something extra these visual styles bring, then below are few best one released for Windows 10 yet.

So take a look at the below mentioned themes and  visual styles for Windows 10 and chose the one that brings the desired changes in your default visual style of Windows.


Best Windows 10 Themes & Visual Styles

  1. Ine Theme


Ine is a wonderful and neat theme for Windows 10. The changed wooden style status bar and the title bar modifications give it an elegant new look with borderless windows to make it even more cleaner and tidy.

  1. Letein Theme



This theme offers some very vivid and beautiful colour changes to the basic visual style of Windows 10. The thin border of windows and the black status bar make it look more stylish, colorful but not too loud either.

  1. Licorice



The most popular colour demand for visual styles is black and if you are among the many lovers of black then simply go for this theme. Black status bar, title bar, the borders of windows panels and neatly defined changes.

  1. Nome Theme



This one gives a quiet and serine feel to your Windows 10 with its light grey color shades used and slightly smaller icon sizes. If you want to make your Windows look tidier then this one’s for you.

  1. Numix


A beautiful combination of red, light grey and black makes this theme another beautiful visual style for your Windows 10.

  1. Silk Theme



Silk theme is the first theme for Windows 10 and is minimal yet beautiful. The theme uses black and combination of many different colors to give some novel touch to your default Windows 10 theme.

  1. Ubuntu Theme


Want to make your Windows 10 look like Ubuntu OS? If yes then wait no more and use this beautifully created theme designed in a way that modifies your Windows to Ubuntu OS experience.

  1. Unity Inspired



Another simple and elegant theme for Windows 10. This theme uses some very appealing colour combinations of black, gold, light grey, white and more to make your simple windows look more cleaner.

  1. Vanilla Theme


Vanilla theme keeps it pretty simple and gives a basic look to Windows. Worth a try if you are not willing to change much.

10. Yosemite Black



Yosemite Black brings the infamous menu buttons, those colorful dots and few other changes to give your Windows a touch of Yosemite Mac OS.

So give the above themes a try and find out what suits your Windows 10 the best. Make use of these new themes for the latest Windows 10 in order to provide it the look that you desire.

So these were Best Windows 10 Themes & Visual Styles. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and could also follow us on various social networking platform in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

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