Best iOS 8 3rd-Party Keyboards You can use to help yourself typing

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Apple is bringing new technology and applications to improve the typing experience on the iPhones while Android users are already addicted of that since months now. Google officially introduced gesture typing with Android Jelly Bean which is now been improved further. The same sort of thing is yet to come for iPhone users with the all new and upcoming iOS 8. Best iOS 8 3rd-Party Keyboards are enlisted below. Go down and pick up your favourite Keyboard app now! 


iOS-8-KeyboardIf you had already installed the preview version of iOS 8 and using it then you can try the best iOS 8 3rd-party keyboards I’m sharing down here. This guide is going to help you out for sure and you’ll find it totally worth.

Best iOS 8 3rd-Party Keyboards

Following are the third-party keyboard apps available for iOS 8. You can get them from the iTunes app store easily and then they will be installed automatically. Yes, you need to set them up to enable their feature and functionality.


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SwiftKey is probably the best keyboard app any platform can have and it’s coming soon for the iOS platform. It started its journey with Android and now finally coming to the iOS 8 at a price tag.


Yes, it won’t be free but I’m sure it will be dam worth of the price tag. You can easily type fast, auto correction will help you further and fast swipe typing is another feature to avail.




This is another gesture based typing keyboard application which is available on the iOS platform from today itself. It is priced at $0.99 and you can easily avail its features.


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It will let you move your fingers like moving through a water and you’ll end up typing most correct text. Overall experience of using Swype app is definitely going to be worth.


Minuum is the next app I’m waiting to arrive for iOS 8 and it will be soon available there at a price while I’m expecting them to launch it for free initially as they got huge competition from other apps in the pipeline.


The app provides QWERTY keyboard with gestures enabled and also with unique minimum keyboard which gets into a mini form easily and further makes it easy typing. The minimum form helps users to reach keys pretty easily while the gesture thing is already in your habit.


PopKey – GIF Keyboard

We all are busy finding a perfect GIF image for the situation and waste a lot of time in that. While this isn’t going to happen in near future since an app is all set to launch. PopKey is the next unique keyboard on its way for Minuum platform which will let you type using GIF images.


Yes, it will be totally a GIF keyboard. You can easily find GIF images on the way and according to the previous text you typed and you simply need to touch the image you wanted to send. Finding GIF images via the categories will also be possible using this keyboard.


So these are the four worth using and buying ‘Best iOS 8 3rd-Party keyboard apps’ and I’m sure that you’re keen to use them now. Using any of them you can help yourself while typing every next time.

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