Top 10 Best Free Online Fax Services

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You need a fax machine for sending a number of important documents. But you may have just started your business and at this stage you can’t afford any hardware expenditure for now.


If this is the case, then you don’t need to worry about the cost of fax machines because at this tech prone time, you can send or receive your faxes by using online fax services. Yes, You heard it right. Then, what are you waiting for? Just go through these best free online fax services and get work done within few clicks.



Top 10 Best Free Online Fax Services



1. Pop Fax

Pop Fax


The pop Fax app does not need installation process for sending the fax all over the world. You can try this just by signing up for the trial version, and get your work done.

2. Nextiva



Nextiva is the best online fax service to use in 2014. It is an app which does not provide you any jammed or busy path for transferring your data. It sends your email in a few seconds without any problem.


3. Hello Fax

Hello Fax


This is one of the best online fax service and with the help of this you can send or receive e-mail anywhere in the world. I am gladly thankful to the developers of this application who make it easy to fax all over the world without getting any interference.

4. Fax Zero

Fax Zero


Fax Zero is one of the top rated online fax services. This online fax service gave us  the opportunity to fax without any fax machine within few seconds. It’s new version allows you to send or receive up to 5 emails per day and if you want premium subscription you can check out their monthly plans.


5. My Fax

My Fax

My fax offers you an outstanding way of sending reliable fax to email and email to fax. It provides a free trail base offer at free of cost to check its services. By using the my fax online service you can link up to 5 different email addresses if you are working in a team. Most importantly, it doesn’t offer cloud-based services.

6. Fax Freedom

Fax Freedom

Fax Freedom is one of the best free online fax services in the market, which helps you to send your emails across anywhere in the world. It also helps you to send different file formats like pdf, docs etc.

7. Send2fax


Send2fax enables you to receive or send the business files in any file format like doc file or pdf file. It provides you most reliable and easiest way of sending the fax just by using the internet access. As it does not require any setup or any hardware device so it is considered as the most convenient way of sending emails. It also provides a toll-free number without any extra paying to support you at any level.

8. Pam Fax

Pam Fax

It’s just like another online fax service which allows you to send your business emails completely free without using any other equipment. It offers you a lot of features like low worldwide rates and the most important thing is that you don’t a credit card number for signing up.

9. Fax Orama

Fax Orama

Fax Orama is the easiest way of sending fax across all over the world. You just need to provide the senders & receiver’s information and within a few clicks, you can send your fax anywhere, apart from that you can attach a number of documents in it.


10. Efax


With over 11 million satisfied customers Efax allows you to send emails across anywhere in the world. This service is available in 49 different countries with a 30 day free trail period.

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