December 5, 2021


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BBC Remote Can Respond To Your Thoughts

Controlling things with the mind may seem a far-fetched or even a reckless possibility to most of us. What if it becomes a reality, even if for a small area of control? This is what BBC has tried to come up with. If you prone to losing the remote to your television a lot or if you are too lazy to get up and fetch it to change the channel, then BBC has the perfect solution for you and it is called ‘Mind Control TV’.

Developed by BBC’s digital division in collaboration with the U.K.-based user experience studio, This Place, this mind control project utilizes a headset which is capable of reading brainwaves and lets the user switch to a program of their choice just by focusing on it mentally, thus switching the minds of the user to a virtual BBC remote. This brainwave reading headset uses electroencephalography (EEG) to contemplate the thoughts of the wearer. Moreover, as compared to other headsets, it is quite simple-looking and has a fewer number of moveable parts. There is a small sensor that rests on the user’s forehead and another one clipped to the ear so as to measure the electrical activity going on in the brain.

How Does BBC Remote Works?

The BBC remote mechanism comes into action when the user either ‘concentrates’ or ‘meditates or relaxes’ their thoughts. The mind-control app opens a small window with five available channels which change every ten seconds. The volume bar to the left of the screen actually displays the brainwave activity. Once the list which gets scrolled after every interval has the program of your wish, you just need to focus on it intently. This increases the electrical activity of your brain and once it reaches a certain threshold value, the system puts up that program for your viewing.

It may be a slower than the conventional hand-held remote which requires physical button to be pressed but still it is a major breakthrough in the world of innovation. This technology will also prove highly useful for the physically disabled people or senior citizens. The only question remains is how soon would this prototype be ready and made available to the general public; the sooner, the better. Please share your views about this amazing BBC Remote ni comments below.