Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review – The Phablet iOS Device

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It was expected that Apple is going to increase the size of its iPhone since people are getting used to of bigger displays and exactly the same thing happened at the launch event. It was always expected that Apple is going to bring a new innovation in smartphone industry but this year isn’t the same. They just increased the size of the iPhone and made it better. Here I’m with my Apple iPhone 6 Plus review. Ohh, what’s that ‘Plus’ mean? Come, discover more about it!



This year, Apple launched two new models and one of them is iPhone 6 Plus while the other one is without the Plus. There is no difference between these two phones except of the sizes. The plus model got a bigger display and measures approx 5.5 inch, thus making it count as a phablet.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Review

Samsung started of this category with its Galaxy Note series smartphone and now Apple is using the same with offering the best phablet ever. No doubt, iPhone 6 Plus is the best phablet and you can’t get it any better. It got beautiful design (not as beautiful as iPhone 5 was) and thin as well. It measures just 7.1 mm and weighs 172 grams (heaviest iPhone ever). The core design had been changed and not it’s a rounded slab rather than rectangular as last year model and it still looks great.


It got Fingerprint sensor (TouchID) within the home button and also included with Apple Pay (payment gateway) system using which users can make payment while shopping and the phone uses NFC technology for that. So it’s thin and large, that’s how phablet deals usually.




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I’ve been a big fan of iPhone’s display and it’s getting better and better while few brands like Sony are still struggling to get the right mix. It got gorgeous 5.5inch display added on LED-backlit IPS LCD panel which can support resolution of maximum 1080×1920 pixels with pixel density of 401 ppi. These are just the numbers but in reality, the display is truly awesome.


It’s protected by Shatter proof glass and Oleophobic coating to protect it from getting fingerprints and other scratches which are common problems. Viewing angles are great and it still works with ease even under direct sunlight.


iPhone 6 Plus is powered by Apple A8 processor which is coupled with M8 co-processor. There is still the dual-core processor under the hood which is clocked at 1.4GHz and supported by PowerVR (hexa-core) GPU. It comes out with iOS 8 which is the latest and the best operating system from Apple yet.


As usual you’re not going to find any trouble with the performance and not a single performance lag or glitch can be examined even at heavy usage. The processor is based on x64 bit architecture which means a lot during high quality game playing. iTunes store is getting better and better with more quality apps and games coming regularly. It will never let you complain about hanging in between.

apple-iphone-6 plus


Apple also introduced certain features to help user handle this big display with single hand only. When you simply double tap on the home button (don’t click on it) then the app on the screen moves down which makes it easy to reach options lying on the top. Overall, it’s all like you’re getting the performance you’d love to experience.



Again, iPhone have been my favorite camera phones and I don’t need to submit any data record to prove that, everyone is aware of it! Apple had improved the camera sensor while it still stays with 8MP shooter on the back while front got 1.2MP. Both cameras are capable of taking wide angle pictures and the rear got dual-LED flash with dual tone which was introduced in last year model.


The picture quality is superb and autofocus seems to be working like instantly. You don’t need to touch to focus as it does it pretty easily, automatically and instantly. It can record slow motion videos and they are truly awesome to watch.

The only thing I didn’t liked about camera in iPhone 6 Plus is that its hardware part is out of the body, rear side which can’t help the phone rest flat on the surface. This is the reason why users will find it necessary to keep their phone in cover.


Wrap up

With more LTE bands being supported, faster Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and all other features like TouchID, Apple Pay and probably a bigger display, iPhone 6 Plus is truly a gem, though it lacks a new innovating feature. The battery life being offered is also awesome. It can easily last for a day and more.

Apple is saying that iPhone 6 Plus is going to arrive in India in last week of September or probably in the month of October this year. You can buy either 16/64/128GB version and its price is expected to drive from 64k INR approx.

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