Apple iPhone 6 – Official Specs, Features & Price Details

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So the wait is finally over and we are blessed with yet another Apple device with Apple iPhone 6. Yes, the phone has been made official by Apple in the event happened today. Everything has changed and improved in Apple’s new beast. With respect to the current tech competition, Apple had to come up with something new to rejoice, something extra ordinary that never been expected by anyone. It’s iPhone 6 in the bucket now. Official details are given in the following report. Take a look and get to know everything about this new Apple iPhone 6. 


iPhone 6 New


Apple iPhone 6 – Official Specs and Features

The all new Apple iPhone 6 is powered by a powerful 64-bit A8 processor with a brand new camera sensor. The phone has got a new physical design with a curved glass at sides. Apple claims that the Chip gives 50 times faster speed than the original iPhone. The new sensor helps you in many ways to measure distant and much more things instantly.


iPhone 6 New 1


At a resolution of 1334 x 750, the iPhone 6’s screen offers 326 ppi, it looks quite normal in Android devices, however, it can put a tough competition either. 1 GB RAM looks quite enough to run the phone more smoother with A8 processor. According to the official report, the new iPhone 6 has got a bit bigger battery this time with 1,810 mAh. The phone has an 8 MP camera with all new sensor and better photo quality as well. Some more additional features like fingerprint scanner, NFC, Apple’s direct payment method and much more added to this new flagship.


iPhone 6 Price and Release Date

The phone is just revealed by Apple Inc. in the conference with one more device, iPhone 6 Plus which is known as the first Phablet device from Apple. The main 4.7-inch model starts from $199 on contract with 16 GB of Memory space. The new iPhone 6 Plus is priced at $299 for the same model with a bigger 5.5 Inch screen. Both the devices look pretty same and looks amazing with coated glass.


The phone will go on sale in the US from the coming Sept. 19. Soon, it’ll be available in different regions of the world. We have to wait a bit for the device to be bought.


What’s your take? What did you expected from Apple in its coming device? Are you satisfied with this device? Do share your thoughts and opinions with us by putting a comment into the below given comment sections. We would like to interact with you regarding your opinions.

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