9 Best Websites to Play Music According To Your Mood

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There are a lot of websites who offer us listen to music online. These sites have a wide collection of music that can enlighten your mood. But, Sometimes we need to play some specific songs or music just according to our mood. When I feel sad I like to listen sad songs or heartbreak songs. And I like to play cool music when I feel happy. Usually we all have separate playlists according to our mood choice, artist or genre. But, Today I am going to write about some websites that can play music to your mood.


Sites to Listen Music


9 Best Websites to Play Music According To Your Mood:

 1. Stereomood

It’s a website who can play songs according to your mood. On the front page of this site, you can select your mood than website will play songs according to your mood. You can use the search bar at that top and select music for your mood or activity. Stereo mood lets you listen to music for about 30 kinds of mood and 30 kind of activity.


2. FM

Last.Fm is a website that offers personalized internet radio. It builds a profile of the user based on his music taste and interest. The site also offers social networking feature. From early 2009 last Fm charges 3 EUR month subscription to allow listening to music website outside US, UK and Germany.


3. Mood stream

Mood stream not just provides an audible way to enhance your mood, but provide a great visual experience too. You can set your mood on mood stream settings. These setting provide a meter to judge your mood. From happy to sad, calm to lively. Humorous to serious and warm to cool. It has a great combination of your mood and picture matching on your mood.



AUPEO is a personalized radio service. The users can select a station that follows a theme, genre, or musical mood, users can also listen to artist stations. Here the user can select his favorite artist. And it will play all music to that artist only. AUPEO has ‘mood tuner’ so you can listen music according to your mood.


 5. Pandora

It’s also known as Pandora radio. This site plays music on music selected by the user. User can select the music according certain genre based or artist selection. But unfortunately this service is available only in the United States, Australia and New Zealand only.


6. Google Music

Google music has17 kind of moods that include thousand of songs of your choice. You can use Google music with your Google account, but this site is currently available in China and the United States. For importing songs you can listen, mix, thumb up, down them, or add them to your playlist.


7. Musicovery

This site has only four mood choices which are calm, dark, energetic, and positive. But it supports 18 music genres of each mood like rock, electro, pop, metal, classical, jazz, soundtrack, blues, folk and more. You can also play music as per your artistic choice.


8. 8tracks

This is another great online music service. It enables you to play and search music according to your mood. You can search music by typing in the search bar you can type your music, artist or activity. It enables you to create an online mix tape with 8+ tracks.


9. Jango

Jango is another site with more option and choices. You can create your own custom radio station based on the artist. It has 28 genre stations which provide more option further. Don’t forget to share your views with our reader that which type of music you like the most, and which which website you used to play music.

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