September 23, 2021


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5 Best Backup Apps for Android

With the introduction of Android OS, Smartphones have become very common as well as a very essential part of our daily life. With the help of Android Smartphones one could get assisted in almost each and every daily work and it also acts as an important data carrier to many professional as well as non professional people all around the world. As our Smartphones carry so much of data in them, it is very important to take measures to save it from any kind of data loss. One of such method is to make back up of your data with the help of applications that are capable of doing so. One could find a lot of applications that promise to create secure backup of your data but to save you from so much of hardwork, we have brought to you 5 Best Backup apps for Android OS.

1.Carbon Backup (Helium)

Carbon Backup is an awesome data backup application which works without any internet connection. Yes, you can save the applications as well as your important files, but they are not to be on the internet necessarily every time. It is possible that you may not be able to access the server each and every time so Carbon Backup creates a backup of all your data on your SD card only or on your PC hard drive so that the user can use it to restore his or her phone anytime he or she wants.

2.G Cloud Backup

This application is able to create backup of your text messages, applications, contacts as well as other important stuff so that the user can easily restore them whenever he or she wishes to. All you have to do is to create an account in order to get a 16 GB access which could be increased if you bring more of your friends to join the service.

3.Super Backup

This application is also one of the best available when it comes to crating backups of important data. Also the application offers a feature of regular scheduled backup so that even the new files are backed up regularly. The user can save the backup on his SD card or can even send it to his Gmail account.

4.Titanium Media Sync

Unlike the predecessor of this application, Titanium Backup Pro, this application provides the user a lot of customizable options and even more when it comes to folders. The user can backup his applications, folders, apps and other important data without having any kind of effect on the data carrier plans as well as the battery of the device.

5.My Backup Pro

This application is not a free application like other apps but is worth paying, as the premium features that the application offers to the users are more secure when compared to the free ones. One could manage and backup all of his data as well as protect it using pin number and many other ways.

So these were 5 best backup apps for android that you can use to protect and save all of your important data without any kind of tension of losing it. Thank you for reading this post. You can follow us on various social networking websites in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.