Top 5 Custom ROMs for OnePlus One

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OnePlus One is one of the most popular and budget smartphone that was launched previous year. Running on Cyanogenmod, the phone offers you almost all the best features that one can find in the present market. However, it is possible that you might get bored of the interface that comes along with the phone.


In that case, for those who have rooted OnePlus One device, can easily install or flash new custom ROMs on their device. It is very difficult to find stable and cool ROMs for OnePlus One and this is the reason why we have come up with the top 5 custom ROMs for OnePlus one which you can flash in order to give a whole new look to you OnePlus One Smartphone. So, here are the top 5 custom ROMs for OnePlus One along with the download links that you can choose from.


Top 5 Custom ROMs for OnePlus One

  1. Cyanogen Mod 12

CyanogenMod 12


The new CyanogenMod 12.1 comes packed with a lot of cool features. Also it is one of the best ROM that you can get for your OnePlus One smartphone. Various features that you get in the ROM includes customizable status bar, enabling on screen buttons, turn on your home screen using volume buttons, change battery or notification lights etc. You can download the file from here.

  1. Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android


Paranoid Android ROM is for those who are not looking for very attractive interface, but need some tweaks that could make their interface more useful. There is an immersive mode that allows the users to view all the information on the screen without showing various system bars. One can also add application colours to your status, navigation bars background. You can download the Paranoid Android custom ROM from here.



AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project and has been especially prepared for those who love complete control over customization options. Apart from various customization options, there is Navigation ring that could act as a shortcut for around 5 applications. The user also gets an option to adjust the performance of the processor as per his or her desire. You can download AOKP ROM for OnePlus One from here.

  1. PAC ROM



PAC ROM is the one you need to choose if you are facing lags in your OnePlus One. It is among the most customizable as well as option rich ROM. The ROM is going to impress you from the boot screen itself. It could be said as a combination of Cyanogenod and OmniSwitch ROM. So overall you get the best of both ROMs in one. You can download PAC ROM from here.

  1. OmniROM



OmniROM is a simple yet interesting ROM that you can try on your OnePlus One smartphone. It has been developed by former CyanogenMod developers and is a no frill ROM which simply means that you can enjoy the stock Android experience with some extras. One can launch applications by tapping on time and date present in the notification bar, can also add a notification counter and can manage your screen brightness by swiping your finger left or right on the notification bar. You can download OmniROM for OnePLus One from here.

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