10 Best and Free Online Mind Mapping Tools 2014

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Mind mapping tools gives us a way to quickly record our idea, association to develop an idea and map out a process or investigate an issue. There are many tools available on the internet which helps you to do this task easily, some are free while others are paid. Today, I will tell you know about the most popular and useful mind mapping tools.


Online Mind Mapping

10 Best and Free Online Mind Mapping Tools 2014:


Coggle is a very easy to use mind mapping service. To use coggle you need to sign up with your Google account. It enables users to create sprawling documents, organizes around hierarchical thoughts. Coggle is a collaboration tool. You can request others to view and edit mind maps.



It’s a free mind mapping application written in Java. Free mind enables users to edit a hierarchical set of idea around a central concept. Its most significant feature is folding branches, save files as XML, export document to PDF and Open Document, clouds around branches and transform maps using XSLT.



This is flash based web app allows you to quickly map out the ideas in a linear branching fashion. You can customize a tree to suit your style by changing the color and size. The auto save feature is very helpful. It provides you two options when you share a file. You can share it as a read only file or you can allow another to edit it.



Working with mind 42 gives you a very fast and simple mind mapping experience. This tool allows you to create and manage and edit any kind of data structure required for mind maps. After creating an account and click new mind map. After starting a project you can invite your friend, and create your own group.



It’s a popular desktop based mind mapping tool that is free to download. Peoples use XMind to clarify thinking and managing complex information. It deals with various kinds of media.



It’s a free online mapping tool that can be used with Google drive. It works same as other mapping tool. When you open the webpage you can see a little blank box where you can write about an idea or topic, as you hit enter, it will automatically add child and sibling nodes all over the blank canvas.


Lucid chart

It’s an ideal tool for teachers. It works using simple drag and drop interface for crating flow chart, mind maps and all other types of diagram. You just need to select element from menus and drag them over the canvas. Those users who have Google chrome, they can use offline through the lucid chart chrome app.


Wise Mapping

It’s a simple and quick operating mind map creation program. It’s easy to use. Sharing option makes this tool a great choice of those who like to share their work. The entire standard features are present in this tool. And crucially being open source HTML5/VMl/SVG based.


It is a new service for hosting all online brainstorming activities. You can create unlimited amount of “idea boards”. Each of your mappings can include sticky notes, images, video and drawings. There is always a commenting option of each of the items that you add to your storm board



It’s another online mapping tool allowing to do mind mapping and brainstorming activities. You can also add images, maps, calendars, text notes, and uploaded text files to their mind maps. You can create public or private maps and collaborate with others. You can also collaborate and share those maps online.


I think after reading this article now, you got an idea what mind mapping tools are and what they helps us to do. You can share your suggestion with us below in the comments section.

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