10 Best Free Graphic Design Software

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Sometimes, It’s not possible to draw our mind’s illusions on paper just by using a pen or pencil. In that case, we certainly feel the need of special software for photo editing, video editing, image manipulations and these tasks are impossible until we don’t have one. But, Thanks to the softwares like Adobe Photoshop which helps us to do our tasks in more comfortable way. But, Getting a professional edition of the softwares like Adobe Photoshop is quite expensive to buy and everyone can’t afford it. Instead of using premium softwares you can also use its alternatives which offers almost similar tools and features. So, We are going to bring the list of best and free graphic designing softwares.


10 Best Free Graphic Design Software:

1. Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint

Sumo paint is a very useful software when it comes to photo editing and painting. Sumo paint contains almost all those tools which are available in the premium photo editor software like Adobe Photoshop. You can save or open your edited images from your hard drive.


2. Gimp Graphic Design Software


GIMP is a flexible graphic design software for online photo editing work. It allows you to customize and change your clicks as you wish. By using this software, you can change your widget color, icon color & size. Most important features of the GIMP are that it gives you full screen artwork and editing work along with most of your screen domain.

3. Sketch Up Make 14


Sketch up allows you to create the 3D view of the picture you have in your mind. It is mostly used for the business purpose by the professionals or for educational purpose. You just need to fill the required information in the given steps and proceed down to further steps. Most importantly, this software is available not only for windows but also for the “Mac users”.


4. Inkscape 0.48


Inkscape is a free software for graphics designing. You can easily create the picture of your mind by using its pencil or pen tool with a width of your wish. It also allows you to do free hand drawing. You can also implement the object manipulations like transformations with an exact number, Z- order operations and alignment & distribution command can also be used. It’s also capable of text support, rendering, fill & stroke etc.


 5. SVG edit

SVG edit

SVG edit is the simplest software from all the mentioned softwares in this article. This software allows you to create your assumptions on the screen using the different tools on the left side. It also allows you to upload the photo from your gallery and then edit them. You can change the colors of the photo, shape, text, zoom the tool etc.


6. Serif


Serif which is again a free software for graphics designing. It will not take your too much time for the installation process. Once you install this software you can use it for editing purpose, create the images of your wish, and create the models for business and education purpose.


7. Get Paint

Get Paint

Get Paint is an easy way for editing images and photos. By using this software, you can add many numbers of effects, this also supports the multi layer user interface, unlimited undo, wide variety of controlling and functional tools.


8. Daz 3D

Daz studio

Daz studio allows you to create unique and amazing animated & 3d pictures. By using this software you can create outstanding results with your images as you can do the customization, posing and animation.


9. Blender 2.71


Blender is free software for windows. It is a software which is usually used by the animators, film makers for adding the various natural looking effects. It offers an animation tool set, fast rigging, sculpting, fast UV unwrapping.


10. Graphic Spring


Graphic spring is a free online graphic editor. This software allows you to select the logo for your project, which is the main specialty of this software. The other features are almost similar to the other graphic design softwares.


We have tried our best to list out best graphic design softwares here, but if you think we have missed out any useful software then do let us know with the help of comments section.

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