10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Phones

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Low Battery!
20% or less battery remaining.
And next message on your smart phone will be:-
Please connect your charger.


This is what that spoils my mood. Whenever I see this message on my Smartphone, I feel really irritated. May be you might also facing the same problem. To fix this problem you need to have a battery saving app installed on your Android phone. So, Let’s check out the best ten battery saving apps that will help you to have long and improved battery life of your android.

10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Phones:

DU battery saver

du battery


It’s a first choice when we talk about battery saving apps. This app work in really well, it finds and solve the battery problems with optimize button. It can extend our android battery life by up to 50 % without charging it. This app includes a healthy charge stage manger program who tracks and implement charging practice in different stage so that our battery can perform best of it.

Battery doctor (battery saver)

Battery Doctor


It’s another free battery saving who can charge your phone up to 10% or more. This app manages your android in a very effective way. It will automatically finish the task when screen is off. And when your battery has charged fully this app will automatically charge 10 % more battery power to your phone. It has a very simple user interface.

Easy battery saver

Easy Battery

The easy battery saver is a fantastic app to extend your android battery life. It can save 50% more battery and the same time you can see battery consumption list of real time running items. This app has four preset saving buttons and advanced customized models. The four modes are – general saving mode, intelligent saving mode, super saving mode and advanced customized mode.

Juice defender



Juice defender is an app with lots of preloaded preset modes. This app comes with an easy UI. It has smart brightness control so it can save battery for further use. This app can easily manage your mobile data, WI-FI and CPU speed and it can keep power utilization under control.

Battery widget reborn

Battery Widget


This app will provide you a full analysis of your android battery. It will show a custom-built text in notification area about estimated time left, voltage, and temperature and battery health. It will automatically put your phone on airplane mode during night. It shows your battery power in a circle battery indicator and shows you how much battery you have left and how much you have already consumed.


NQ Easy battery saver free

NQ Easy Battery

This app saves your phone’s battery and same time it also boosts its speed to optimize performance with easy battery saver.   It has a battery usage monitor who keeps reporting on the current battery level and also calculate the time that how long your phone’ battery will last. This app detects the power greedy apps, so you can manage your phone’s battery life better.

Go battery saver & power widget

GO Battery

This app has a very beautiful interface. Some users claim that only this app can accurately estimate the remaining battery time. This app also indicates you that if you stop your WI-FI or Bluetooth than how much more battery powers you will get in your android.



This is very intelligent app. It can save 80% battery of your android. This app is free for 30 day trial. Thereafter, if you like the app you have to purchase it. This app tells us that what things are eating up your battery and after that you can stop all battery draining feature with just one tap. When you put your phone on charging this app will keep telling you that how much time is left for charging. And it will sound an alert when your phone is ready to be taken off by the charger.





This app has very stylish design. It shows your battery usage in percentage on your Android device. It supports a lock screen widget introduced in android 4.2. Some more features of this app are full support of all known screen resolutions, power source indicator and additional battery information.

Deep sleep battery saver

Deep Sleep


This app continually puts the device in deep sleep mode when the screen is off. So, all your WiFI, 3G is automatically turned off when your android screen is off. But here you can change the setting for deep sleep mode. You can set a priority list of some app to whom you do not want to off when the screen is off like music player. So you can keep this app on the white list.


Well, There are a lot of ways to save your battery, but using an app always is a good option to start with. If you have read this post you must know with which app to start with for saving your Android battery.

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