Virtua Tennis Challenge APK+ SD data free Download for Android

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Brought to smartphones by the very popular game company Sega, this outstanding tennis simulator for Android is must to have on your smartphones if you are into gaming. Virtua Tennis is one of the best tennis game franchises and this game for Android unarguably boosts of the best graphics of a game of this genre. Compete against 50 players in 18 different stadiums all around the world. Enjoy all the different game modes and courts available in the game and master all the different shots and also build your own super shot that is sure to make your opponent sweat.


Virtua Tennis


So just install the game on your device and chose your favourite player and start a career with them. Earn money and improve your rankings by winning more and more games and competing different players in different stadiums and courts. Master all the shots and become a champion in all types of courts and skill play.


Virtua Tennis Challenge Features:

  • Play on different type of stadiums, courts and environment. Compete with different players on grass courts, clay courts, indoor, hard and many more unique environments.
  • Compete in either single matches or play doubles.

Virtua Tennis 2

  • Different touch gestures are easily supported by this game and so play slice shots, top spins, drop shots and all other types of shots as real tennis players do.
  • Enjoy playing with your friend in multiplayer game mode by connecting with competing friend over Bluetooth.
  • Play single matches in quick match mode to increase your player ranking and enjoy a small break with this addictive game.
  • Enter into world tours with your player and enjoy a full season of competition.

Virtua Tennis features

  • Earn money through your game and then buy your way further into more tournament matches.
  • Enjoy the exhibition matches with unlocked characters and on unlocked courts in both singles and doubles mode.



The APK and SD Data for Virtua Tennis Challenge Game:

The Virtua Tennis Challenge apk as well as SD data can be downloaded from the links that are given below:


Virtua Tennis features 2

  • Download apk file for Virtual Tennis from here.
  • Download SD data for Virtual Tennis from here.
  • Get the torrent for apk + SD data for Virtual Tennis from here.

How to install Virtua Tennis Challenge game on your Android device:

  • Unzip both the downloaded files in your computer.
  • Copy the apk file anywhere on your Android device.
  • Copy the SD data of the game in sddata->android->obb directory.
  • After copying both the files install the game using apk file.

After the installation is done your game will run smoothly on your Android device. Enjoy Virtual Tennis and be a pro tennis player. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and can follow us on various social networking sites in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.



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