Smart Launcher Pro v1.8.4 APK Download

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Smart Launcher is an innovative and a unique launcher being making its waves and attaining laurels for its minimalist design,minimum memory usage and a very user friendly User Interface that will help you start any application easily by means of a few taps.It is one of the very few launchers available in the android market capable of  storing the automatic catalog of all the installed applications.This application comes in with several features. Some of them are the main screen being equipped by the quick start button that enables you to get into the launcher easily.The main drawer organised by several categories;this may be default or your own customary catogories.This launcher can be used directly without any special configuration.It can also support the live wall papers of varying sizes.

Smart launcher pro

Smart launcher pro v 1.8.4 apk

This launcher consists of icons to both the ADW launcher as well as Launcher pro.This version has improved the usability for left handers as in the earlier versions suffered some bugs , not able to manage the touch for left handers mode improved.This version also comes with gestures where you may swipe your hands over the phone and it could guess what you exactly want.Notifications are much improved and the preferences screen too will give you more reasons to download this excellent launcher.The default theme too has been changed from the previous version where the old themes will be available as an external theme.

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