The Sims APK + SD Data Free Download for Android

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The Sims for Android is a free-to-play version of the original game, The Sims published by EA Games. It is of simulation genre which incorporates a delightfully casual gameplay with all the best aspects of the previous versions restored. So improve your Sims family, make them learn different things and increase their work performance all on your Android device. The Sims is high on graphics and gameplay with lots of customization options that give you full control. This app makes for a non-competitive and non-ending game that is hard to put down.


The Sims Freeplay




The Sims APK + SD Data Features

  • The best feature of this game is its superb gameplay, with tons of modifications that can be made to your character and your Sims and a large number of hobbies and works that you can make your Sims learn from cooking to horse riding.
  • Create up to 32 Sims characters that can be customized from head to toe.
  • Live a perfect Sims life from being babies to becoming seniors.
  • Work for your Sims careers and present them unique personalities.

The SIMS feature

  • Features a mystery land, wherein you can build desired monuments for extra points and bonuses.
  • Has a never ending flow of micro-objectives, tasks to be achieved and points to be earned. Complete targets for Lifestyle Points to earn Simolean points which improve their conditions.
  • Buy property, design homes, shop for necessities and recreation with the points earned and use them for special events that are updated which allow your Sims to celebrate the same holidays as you do.

The Sims APK + SD Data Download

The best thing about this brilliant simulation game is that it features all of the above at no price at all. So enjoy it for free and make your own town and bustle it with your Sims and live out their Life Dreams. You can download The Sims for you android device as well as the SD card data by clicking on the link given below


The Sims GAmeplay

The Sims apk + Data

Steps to Install The Sims APK + SD Data on your Android Device

Step 1: First of all download the apk as well as the data from the link that has been provided above.


Step 2: After the data file and apk file has been downloaded, connect your Android device to your PC.


Step 3: Now copy the data folder to “SDcard/Android/Data”. After that, transfer the apk file to you Android device too.


Step 4: Now disconnect your device from PC and switch it to Airplane mode.

Step 5: Now locate the apk file and tap on it to begin installation. After the game is installed, start it from the app drawer. You will see that it won’t ask you for data download.


Now you can switch back your device from Airplane to normal mode. After following these steps you will be able to play The Sims game on your device anytime you want.


The Sims Features


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