The Sims 2 Game Free Download for PC

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Sims 2 is a full-fledged sequel to the very popular Sims and is the first game to allow to create and control people by your own. The game offers completely redefined graphics, character customization, environment, extended life span and a lot more. Create your own Sim this time beginning at the genetic level but very rapidly growing up, having kids of their own whose attributes comes from their parents, grow old and die. The graphic details of Sims 2 reaches a entirely new height where you play out an entire life span of your Sim.


The Sims 2


The Sims 2 Game Features

In Sims 2 you get to create characters that look just like you and your members of the family. You can give them aspirations, shape their personality and based on these choices and influences you Sim will grow up with a definite personality. Your Sims can even collect memories that will further influence their opinions and who they become later. Experiences between Sims play a vital role in shaping their future relationships like experiences between the Sims when they are children can affect their relationships of teenage.

Sims 2 is technically way more advanced than Sims and the characters can interact with one another in a way almost similar to our real life ways, based upon the memories and experiences. But some content may be strictly for adult as the characters in the game can enjoy casual love like kissing or even steamy under-the-sheet scenes as well. So some scenes might be too graphical for small children.


The Sims 2 Gameplay


The game is very addictive and the way it expands keep you hooked up for hours. There will be times when you sit to play just for few minutes and when you get up you realize 4-5 hours have passed already. Such intriguing is the game expansion and the characters build-up. The Sims you create grow up very fast and so there is no unnecessary drag for things in the game.


So get this game and guide up your digital self to health, wealth, happiness, fortune and fame, but its addiction may leave your real self suffer due to this.


The Sims 2 Game Download

If you are fan of strategy as well as simulation games, I can understand your urge to get this game on your PC and start playing it. However you can easily download this game for your computer from the link provided below.


Sims 2 Features


Sims 2 Game


After downloading the file from the link provided above, extract all its content and then install it by running the Setup file. And this is it. You game is ready and you can enjoy it anytime on your PC.


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