One More Dash APK Free Download for Android

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If you have played and loved the brilliant game One More Line from SMG Studio, then you definitely will love this another brilliant game form the same developers, One More Dash. The game materialises a very simple concept but in a  most deceptive way possible where you dash, collect, die and then repeat the whole thing over an dover again to beat high scores. This brilliant deceptive game is all about timing and since the game is so addictive that you can’t just play it once.


One More Dash


As said before, the game is all about timing and concentration where even a blink can cause you to ruin your hard-earned high score. In this game you control a small circle through the space with number of different obstacles. You have to collect the dots in the big circles for which you need to touch the screen just in the right time so as to guide the next move of the small circle. Game may sound very simple where all you need to do is to avoid the moving obstacles in the big circle and collect the dots and manage next move of your small circle. But collecting points and beating scores set by other players is entirely on a different level.


One More Dash APK Features

  • Simple but intense gameplay with minimal graphics
  • Over 200 missions to complete and make high scores in them.

One More Dash Features

  • Simple control, just a touch, but the timing is what matters even in that one simple touch.
  • Slick design of the game with numerous color themes and avatars to be unlocked.
  • Amazing soundtrack.

One More Dash APK Download

The game is available for free on Google Play Store. However, in case you wish to side load the APK file of the game to your smartphone or Tablet, you can get the APK file from the link that has been provided below.


One More Dash APK


One More Dash APK


So don’t judge the game by its simple appearance minimal graphics, the game is not about the graphics but about the gameplay. This game is keeper if you like challenging yourself at every step. You can check your own reflex by playing this game and see how accurate and focused you can ever be where a single tap on screen can make so great a difference. This eye-popping and highly addictive game is already making its way upto the most popular android game at present and if you do not believe it then download the game and know for yourself how intense a simple game like this could be. Remember perfect timing is all you need!

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