Need for Speed No Limits APK Free Download for Android

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EA is back with a brand new game of Need for Speed series. The new Need for Speed: No Limits is more or less like previous NFS games but with improved graphics, better race modes and average story line. The game takes you to a new speedy journey with tons of cars, stunts and actions. Various modes allows the users to use cars in different ways and grow as a driver.

Need for Speed No Limits

The game is available for free, but if you wish to download such huge game manually, we are going to present you the Need for Speed as well as the Data file using which you can install the game on your Android smartphones and tablets manually.

Need for Speed No Limits APK Features



The Need for Speed No Limits offers you a different and unique gameplay filled with a lot underground street races. The player is on a journey to be the best racer the world has ever seen. However, the story is not at all that impressive, but offers you a lot of chances to beat your rivals in different races.




The user gets around 30 cars to play with. However, you need to unlock them and upgrade as you progress through the story in order to make them better.

Need for Speed no limits apk


The game has been developed by the developers of Real Racing 3. As we know, Real Racing 3 possesses the best graphics in all the racing games available on Play Store. Same is the case with Need for Speed No Limits, the game is filled with reflections, the aspects of the cars and smoke.


Need for speed no limits android download



NFS No Limits has the most simple controls a game could ever get. You do not get any accelerator or brake, no steering to turn your car left or right. The player needs to tap on the screen to steer, swipe up on the screen to give your car a boost and swipe down to drift. The car accelerates automatically all the time.


Need For Speed No Limits APK

The game is huge and really difficult to download directly via Play Store if you do not have a good and stable internet connection. However, you can also download it on your PC with the help of the links that we have provided here and then sideload it manually on your Tablet or Smartphone.


Need for speed no limits features


Need for Speed No Limits APK


Need For Speed No Limits Data


You just need to download the files above and then save it on your PC. Extract the downloaded files and paste the data file in “Android/obb/”. The apk file can be placed anywhere on your device. After the transfer is complete, tap on thee apk file to begin installation.

And that is all. You are ready to play this superb game that features you everything you desire from a racing gaming application. Please share your views regarding the game in comments below. Subscribe to our blog and follow us on Facebook in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

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