Legendary Heroes APK Free Download for Android

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Every war give rise to heroes from all over the world and very few of the bravest heroes become the legends. And in this highly tactical and excellent strategy game your job is the intensive management of the team of legendary heroes in the epic battle that has just begun. The greatest battle of all time has begun and heroes form all over the world have been called in to show their true courage and valour, but of all the heroes in the war only few are able to rise to the highest glory of becoming the world’s best heroes, the legendary heroes. So show the powers and abilities of your heroes to take them to the glory f being a legend.


Legendary Heroes


As a player you have to manage the heroes with different and unique set of abilities. You have to operate a team of participants in every battle and in one team three heroes fight at the same time. So build your team strong enough to be able to pass more than 30 levels of insane battling.


 Legendary Heroes APK Features

  • Experience Action Real-time strategy game (Action RTS) very first time on Android platform. The experience of Action RTS game is something you won’t want to miss out.
  • Enjoy the quick and intense action of this action RTS game with touch controls tailored for Android to give a singular experience of gameplay.
  • Different heroes all of them with four unique special abilities in them. So play with all the legendary heroes to know their true strength.
  • Team based approach to game wherein you can control three heroes in the same match for triple the amount of fun.

Legendary heroes gameplay

  • Keep the progress of every hero across different matches and developed these levelling progresses as many as you want.
  • Explore and enjoy thirty maps included in the game in Campaign mode. So whether you are a beginner or a veteran these maps are for anyone and everyone to try their skills.
  • Build your character even more stronger, faster, tougher using the power ups and boost your entire team to challenge with all your might.

Legendary Heroes APK Download

The game is available for free in Google Play Store. However, if you wish to download the game file manually along with the game data, you can do it by click on the link that has been provided below.


Legendary Heroes APK Features


Legendary Heroes APK + Data


The game is the very first Action Real-tIme strategy game for Android and with all the graphics in the game that serve perfectly traced heroes, brilliant special effects, amazing game locations and a large number of animations, Legendary Heroes is one hell of a battle game. The game characters not only yield unique powers and special abilities but knowing them thoroughly and using them tactically can only help you progress in the level ahead. So take your team of three heroes and glorify them with the titles of being the Legends in this amazing Legendary Heroes APK Game.

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