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Scoring a headshot always brings an intensely satisfying feeling to a combat- and -shooter- game player, a sweet joy with all the frustration relieved. If you are someone who enjoys targeting headshots in combat games, then you must go for Kill Shot, a shooting simulation game developed and published by Hothead Games studio, for this game which is available for your Android device is completely full of them. Here we are going to provide you the Kill shot APK file that you can download manually on your Smartphone device. But before proceeding to that, let us take a look at the features that this game offers.


Kill Shot


Kill Shot APK Features

The plot of this game is that the player plays the role of a covert spec ops soldier who is prepared to take part in multiple military attacks and stealth assassinations. The player is expected to accomplish their missions using their marksman skills and strategic tactics. The player can travel very deep into the enemy territory in order to locate the position and eliminate the cunningly hidden targets. You play in a first player mode and can access the weapons arranged near the bottom of the screen. The best thing about this game is that it has been kept simple and straight with intuitive controls. For switching to different views, there is a switch button  alongside the fire one and all the details like ammunition and weapon chosen are displayed too.


Kill Shot APK


The game-play is commendable. As you mark your targets your breathing starts to grow heavy meaning that having the perfect timing of the kill shot is of integral essence. The player’s capabilities are also limited by an energy system which keeps downgrading. You are offered more than 400 shooting missions in superbly-detailed 3D graphics in 30 unique map locations which can be captured in a bullet cam kill shot moments that can be saved onto your device and can also be shared with your friends to brag about a perfect shot. You are powered by more than 65 different weapons that can be selected and switched along with 4 weapon classes like Assault rifle, Sniper, Shotgun and SAW. There are various upgrades for weapons and ammunition that come regularly to continuously enhance the game’s experience.


Kill Shot Gameplay


Kill Shot APK Download

To top it all up, you can also avail several player power-ups which can be selected at any time, like spotter (to find all the enemies real quick), Armour-Piercing Bullets (that do not stop at Kevlar) and Slo-Mo (to slow down the time to get a perfect shot). This amazing shooter game can be downloaded for free on your Android device by clicking on the link given below.


Kill Shot Features


Kill Shot APK


Now you just need to download the file from the above link and then transfer it to your Smartphone device. Locate the transferred file and then click on it to begin the installation process. The game will install and you can then play it anytime you want. So enjoy Kill Shot  game on your device that offers exciting features along with addictive gameplay.

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