How to Install Nokia Z Launcher on a Rooted Device

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Nokia has put a hold on the Device manufacturing after the Microsoft acquisition but it doesn’t seem to stop them from providing people with software goodies.Nokia’s latest project, Z Launcher, is a home screen launcher that aims to give you what you need, when you need it, with little to no effort on your end.  The Z Laucher is nothing as powerful as the other launchers available for Android but it is simple and does what it says it does. It has a simple design with a really interesting way of finding information and apps on your phone. The Z Launcher is currently in Beta and is optimized only for a few flagship devices. So the Official Downloads are limited but we all know how it goes in Android – we got the APK for you .Also the App does not work on rooted devices and Nokia does not want  to bug the developers with the interference issues from other Mods.



  1. Since the launcher is in Beta , you will have to install it using the APK file. Make sure Unknown Sources is enabled in the Settings. And don’t worry – the APK is legit.  zLauncher.apk
  2. Z Launcher has only been optimized for the Nexus 5,Samsung Galaxy S5Galaxy S4Galaxy S3Moto XHTC One, and Sony Xperia Z1
  3. For Rooted Users m you need to use Root Cloak – a Xposed Module to hide Root for Z Launcher to work.
  4. So make sure you have Xposed Framework setup in your device and then Install  RootCloak.
  5. Install the Module , Activate and Reboot.
  6. Open up Root Cloak and Add Z Launcher to the list of RootCloak enables Apps.
  7. Now Reboot your phone once to make sure everything is working fine.
  8. Now head over to Settings and in Home choose Z Launcher as your choice of Launcher.
  9. The main screen of Z Launcher is minimalistic with a Clock and Calendar widget along with a list of Apps and Contacts.
  10. These Apps and Contacts in the Main Screen are updated from time to time based on your usage.
  11. The Launcher has a very nifty Doodle feature. It enables you to write letter and it Displays all Apps – Searches and Contacts related to the letter

If you have any troubles setting Z Launcher – Ask us in the comments section below and we will get back to you with a solution. We hope Z Launcher leaves Beta stage and becomes something of a standard in launchers. Do let us know your views and opinions about this tutorial. Your feedback and suggestions are much more appreciated. Stay tuned for more such useful updates that will help you live a better life with your smartphone!

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