How to Prevent Yourself from Phishing Attacks

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Many of you might now know what Phishing is or what Phishing scams are. Phishing is basically a theft technique that is used by hackers in order to steal the confidential information of the user by tricking him or her in some sort of false program. These phishing scams are most of the time presented in pop-up form or spam mails which are really hard to detect.




Hackers mostly use emails to trick the user into it, but the rapidly increasing social media, internet access and smartphone popularity are helping phishing to multiply at a very fast rate. Since it is among the most devious method of identity theft, it is crucial for you to identify and keep yourself away from such dangerous attacks. So here we have brought you some methods that you can follow in order to prevent yourself from Phishing attacks and learn how to guard yourself from them.


Methods to prevent yourself from Phishing Attacks

  • Identify the Phishing Mails – The very first thing that you must avoid is phishing mails. Identify them and then delete them without any delay. A phishing mail is same as any mail from any other company. It might contain same person and company details and might have links to the websites very close to real business. They also promise you to provide gifts, money etc. on completion of forms.

Phishing mail

  • Never fall for the links in the mails- Never click on the links that are provided in the phishing mails. These links might take you to a fraudulent site. If the link is directing you to the site of your bank, never click on it or fill any details you are asked for. You bank is never going to ask your confidential information through mails.
  • Upgrade your PC’s security- Install a good antivirus program on your PC. A good antivirus software will be able to block these types of attempts. Also keep on updating our OS as well as your web browser to prevent the phishing pop-ups to gain any kind of information from them.
  • Enter your Data in Secured Websites only- Take care that the website which you are using for entering your private data begins with “https://” and has a lock icon in front of it. This shows that the site is secured and wont copy your data.


  • Phishing mails basically target your bank accounts and transfer money from it. Keep an eye on your bank account so that you get an update of any suspicious transaction that might occur from your bank account.
  • Keep your firewall on and do not click any link that occurs on pop-ups.

Following all these measures is definitely going to reduce the risk to a large extent but is not going to eradicate it for the future. You must always take precaution while handling new unidentified mails and send them to thrash if you find it suspicious. SO these were the steps to prevent yourself from Phishing attacks. We hope that you find this post helpful. Please share any other methods if you know in comments below.



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