Google refreshed Hangouts into v2.3 [APK] – Google Voice & Visual Improvements

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The thing I’m going to share with you here is going to be a huge benefit for you but going to be the opposite for Telecom operators in the country. Google had finally refreshed its Hangouts app for Android recently and its now in its 2.3 version of which you’ll be getting APK file here. So this is the guide to download Hangouts 2.3 APK and also you’ll get complete information about it.


Google had brought voice call feature into its Hangouts app now using which users can now make free voice calls among the users. They need not to know phone numbers to avail this feature rather they should be added among contacts and then you can easily find a call option on the top.


Download Hangouts 2.3 APK


Google Hangouts 2.3 Features

There are two major features of this Hangouts 2.3 version app. yesterday itself this update rolled out and my Nexus was keen to get that as always. I wasn’t aware of the update but later when I tapped Hangouts to do some messaging then I saw a new visuals. Yes, Google had also refreshed the design of the Hangouts now which is more elegant and simple as always.


Google refreshed Hangouts into v2.3 [APK] - Google Voice & Visual Improvements


If your device is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data pack then you can avail the feature to call your friend just like you have been using other features of this app till now. The app now looks more professional and better than earlier while the phone call option is going to bring a lot of changes in its user base number. Facebook had already rolled out free call option for its Messenger app users while Google is the second one to do that.


These days, you can easily see lots of messaging apps to bring this free voice call feature and bring it as a native part of the overall app. I had already used WeChat to make free voice calls but was never satisfied with the quality while the quality I experienced on Viber was pretty awesome (compared while using same network standard).


Facebook Messenger’s offering was also pretty awesome but I rarely used it after trying it for the first time while I always use Hangouts for my day to day communication with my professional network. Now it will allow me to do a free call inside within which I’m surely going to use in day to day life.


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So my overall review of this new Hangouts 2.3 app is really superb and I’m excited to use this feature. Google already got me at its new user interface for the Hangouts and you must update the previous app installed on your device with this latest one.


Download Hangouts 2.3 APK

You can alternatively download APK of Hangouts 2.3 (latest version) from here and let your smartphone perform the upgrade on its own.

Do let me know your views about this new version of Hangouts from Google, particularly about the free voice call.

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