How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, Android, iPhone & iPad

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Candy Crush Saga, the most popular game at the present technology time, has got a huge number of features and functions to play the game well. Although, there are only a few moves available to complete the levels. After that, your life will be finished. For the very same reasons, many of its users are always looking for some cheats to add move lives to their game in order to achieve more and complete more levels at the same time. Well, no need to worry by now as we are up with a tutorial to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga for all the devices on which you are playing the game. So, are you guys ready for the roller coaster of Candy Crush Saga? Let’s get on to it! 


Candy Crush Saga


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How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga on Facebook, Android, iPhone & iPad

Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga for iOS Device- iPhone, iPad

  1. Go and follow the below path from your iOS device Settings -> General -> Date & Time 
  2. Change the Set Automatically option to OFF from that option
  3. Change the date by 1 day this process will give you 5 more extra lives
  4. Don’t play and wait 5 to 10 seconds for the game to synchronize for this time
  5. Now, repeat the above path once again and Set Automatically option to On from that option
  6. Your date will be set on regular date and you’ll be up with 5 move lives
  7. You can do repeat the same process every time you running out of your lives

How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga on Android

The process to get more lives on an Android device is pretty much the same as for iOS devices. Follow the below steps to get more lives instantly.

  1. Go and follow this path from your Android device :  Settings -> Date & time
  2. Remove the chekmark from the option Automatic date & time
  3. Go to Set date and change the date by 1 day prior to the current date
  4. Open the game and you will have 5 more extra lives to it
  5. Wait for a few seconds for the game to be synchronized
  6. Go back and follow the above steps once again and set the date to regular date
  7. Launch the game once again and you will have five lives to the game
  8. Do repeat it again if you loose all the lives to get more in coming time

How to Get Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

There’s a simple trick you can apply while playing Candy Crush Saga game on Facebook. While having just one live left, open the same page in new tab. Do not close the first tab. Start playing the game on your first tab. When you lose all the lives, go back to the second tab where you would have one more life left. You can repeat it as many times as you want in order to get more lives.


What’s your take? Are you satisfied with these simple tricks to get more lives in Candy Crush Saga game? Do share your experiences with us. Put your views and opinions into the following comment sections. We would love to hear from you this time. Your feedback and suggestions are more than welcomed!

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