How to Get Refund for an App from Apple App Store

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Sometimes out of excitement or in a hurry you purchase an app from Apple app store only to find it incompatible with your device or not working properly. This leads to disappointment of wasting both time and money. Since we all know time waits for none so it’s impossible getting that back, yet the money you paid for that app can be refund back to you.


App purchase

Though the official return policy clearly mentions that all the sales and rentals are final but still if your reason is legitimate you can get refund for your purchased apps. You have to follow simple procedure of reporting a problem through Apple’s official website and then this request will be processed and Apple will decide whether you deserve a refund or not. You can also report problem through iTunes also. So before losing all hopes for getting refund of the app you wasted money on, you should give a try to below mentioned process for reporting this problem.

Follow the steps given below to get the refund for an app from Apple app store:


Step 1: Open the official Apple website for reporting problems.

  • Link to the website is here.

Step 2: Sign in using your Apple ID in the website.


Apple ID


Step 3: In the “Report a problem” page on the website select “Apps” option mentioned there. This page will show all the apps you have either downloaded for free or purchased through app store.

Report a problem

Step 4: Select the paid app for which you want your refund from the list displayed to you.


Choose problem


Step 5: When selected the app now hit the “Report a problem” button. A drop down list will get opened. Select the problem due to which you want your refund for the app. You can also describe your problem in the writing field mentioned there.


Step 6: Once you have filled the form hit the submit button.

And once you hit the submit button your report will be forwarded to concerned Apple staff for processing.

NOTE: Refund will be given only when the reason is valid for your demand. If it is not so then no refund will be given to you. Also the request processing may take weeks or even few month for processing so be patience and don’t heighten your hopes before you receive some response from Apple.


Alternative method: Getting a refund Using iTunes



Step 1: In the iTunes go to “Store”->”View Account”.

Using iTunes

Step 2: In the “Purchase History” option now select “See all” for viewing all the recently downloaded and purchased apps.


Purchase History


Step 3: In the app listing hit the small arrow on the left side of your selected app.

Step 4: In the next page hit “Report a problem” button and then click the “Report a problem” link next to app’s listing.


Now you will be redirected to Apple’s website and you can follow the remaining procedure as mentioned in the steps above. SO these were the steps to get refund for an App from Apple App Store. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and can also follow us on various social networking sites in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.


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