How to Fix “Insufficient Storage Available” Error in Android

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Android may be the most widespread used mobile operating system and it sure is very user friendly and entertaining, but every single android user is annoyed with the “Insufficient storage error” of android. This problem is due to the fact that by default all the apps are installed on your phone memory which isn’t too large for most of the android smartphones. And to transfer the apps from phone memory to memory card is also not easily applicable in this OS. So every android user has at least seen the error “Insufficient Storage Available” once during apps installation which results in the failure of apps installation.


Insufficient storage

But no need to worry more about it as in this article we have mentioned three effective ways to fix this error. So go an read it and get this annoying error fixed.

Method 1

Step 1: Migrate to the given path: /data/app-lib/APP-PATH/lib. This path contains this error and once you have come here then delete it.


Step 2: Install/update apk app.

Android app updates


Step 3: If this method doesn’t work then go to /data/app-lib/APP-PATH and delete all folders in this directory. You have to begin deleting with the sub-folders first and then delete the folder itself because without deleting the sub-folder first you can’t delete the folder containing other sub-folders in them.


This method is the most effective and has the highest chance of fixing the error “Insufficient Storage Available” on your android phone.



Method 2

The method above should probably fix your error but if this error is still not fixed then you can try this method mentioned here.


Step 1: Download the software “Lucky Patcher”. You can easily get it on the internet and can install it very easily on your android phone using your phone’s file manager.

Step 2: Now open the Lucky patcher and inside its menu go to the troubleshooting option.


Lucky Patcher


Step 3: Now select the option “Remove fixes and backups (insufficient storage available)” present in the troubleshooting menu.

Step 4: After this all you need to do is restart your mobile phone. After your phone restarts try installing or updating the apps again and you will notice that the error message “Insufficient Storage Available” is fixed.


Method 3

So this means that both the above methods failed to fix your error. Then the last option for you to follow is this method.

Step 1: Download an app from Google Play or Internet, Cache Cleaner. This app is 2MB and you will need to delete something from your phone memory in order to install this app since the error message will hinder the installation otherwise.


Step 2: Now using this app scan your android device. You can even scan all the internal caches one by one and then by entering the trashcan you can clear the individual cache. You can also clear the entire cache at once using the clear button at the bottom of the screen and then select delete all.


Internet Cache

Step 3: Now when you have cleared the space using this try installing the apps again and the error message will not come this time.

So these were steps that you need to follow in order to fix “Insufficient Storage Available” error in Android. Thank you for reading this post. You can subscribe to our blog and could also follow us on various social networking websites in order to receive regular tech updates similar to this.

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