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Top 5 Android Keyboards 2015

Keyboards are the most used app in the Android smartphones. Whatever you have to do on your mobile phone, it cannot be done perfectly without keyboard. We have adapted to touch screens very quickly, however, many of us still feel uncomfortable in using the keyboards that come

Top 5 Custom ROMs for HTC One M9

HTC One M9 has been very popular since its release and while the handset itself runs on Android Lollipop and strong hardware configuration, you can still yield more out of it with custom ROMs. The custom ROMs for HTC One M9 offers many performance improvements like no

Top 3 Email Apps for iPhones & iPads

Emails are an integral part of everyone’s work life and so having the best utility app for email at your fingertip is the top priority for mobile users. And though iPhone’s email app can handle the basic email functionalities quite well but it doesn’t allow advanced controls

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Android 2015

You can always increase the use of your android device by having the right apps installed that can organize your work more effectively. And this is the reason why we have a separate section of productivity apps in Google Play Store. However, it could be hard to

Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2015

Photographs and Videos are the best way to capture and store memories for years. And with the advancement in the Android Smartphone technology, you do not require someone professional to shoot a video for you every time. All that could be done efficiently with the help of

Best Apps for Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has always been a top player when it comes to Android platform. It has its own app store, its own Kindle Fire tablet, and recently they have also come up with a brand new Android TV called as Amazon Fire TV. It is the first set-top

Best Password Manager for Windows 2015

May of us keep our documents, folders images protected on our PCs. In addition to that we have many social networking accounts, mail accounts as well as other password protected data present here and there. No doubt your data is safe, but the question here is that

Top 5 Android Messengers 2015

Calling has long been replaced by messaging for it conveys what one wants to say without utilizing much time or money and hence there have been many messaging apps or messengers popping every now and then in the market competing fiercely with each other. However, there are