Best Download Manager for Linux

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No matter what your internet speed is everyone requires download manager to download all the downloads form internet in a more efficient manner. And while the download managers like Internet Download Manager for Windows are very popular but no available for Linux. Still there is no need for the Linux users to get upset as there are other efficient download manager instead. So take a look at the best download managers for Linux listed below.


Download Managers


 Best Download Manager for Linux

  1. uGet

Built using the GTK+ library and one of the most popular download manager for Linux, uGet offers numerous features to make your downloads way more efficient than usual. Features include support for downloading multiple files together, set maximum speed for all or individual download files, support for metalling files and torrents, support for capturing URLs from local files or download the files via the command line, supports 20 segments for all the download files, grabs URLs from clipboard automatically and lot more features.


Download uGet from here.



  1. SteadyFlow

With a clean GUI, simple interface and designed to work perfectly by handling multiple downloading files, SteadyFlow is as the name suggests a very reliable download manager available for the Linux users. With an official extension ChromeFlow you can easily integrate it on Google Chrome, and features multiple downloads, automatic URLs capturing from clipboard, support for running specific commands after the download is complete, SteadyFlow is a very stable download manager overall.

Steady Flow

Download SteadyFlow from here.

  1. XDM- Xtreme Download Manager

XDM is like the Linux version for IDM, claiming to boost the speed of internet downloading upto 500%, and does so actually according to the reviews from the Linux users who use it. Written in Java, this download manager offer many features including resume/pause option for downloads, 32 segments support for each download files, support of different protocols like HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, captures files from famous websites like Youtube, Vimeo, MetaCafe, integration extension available for all famous web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and lot more features.

Xtreme download manager

Download XDM from here.

  1. DownThemAll

Though not a download manager program like the rest and its only a Firefox plugin, but the downloading speed which it offers is so amazing that its mention here was essential. Since Firefox is available for Linux and most of Linux users prefer to use it, this Firefox plugin can boost your downloads by upto 400% and supports all kind of downloads, multiple files, auto-captures URLs from websites and lot more features. It might be just a plugin but works almost similar to other download manager mentioned here.



Download DownThemAll plugin to your Firefox from here.

  1. FlareGet

There are both a free and paid version of FlareGet available for Linux systems. This download manager also works perfectly fine as compared to other download managers and its GUI is available in 18 different languages. So if language problem is one issue other download managers didn’t handle well then this one’s for you.




So get the download manager that suits your requirements the best and make internet downloading both faster and more fun. So these were the best download manager for Linux that you can download from the link that has been provided above in the post. We hope that you find this post helpful. Please share your views about the download managers mentioned here in comments below.

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