Best BitTorrent Client for Linux

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Torrent is like an open world for downloading stuff you need in the easiest and fastest way possible. And to download a torrent you require a BitTorrent client on your system, options for which are numerous on internet.


BitTorrent Clients


So to make your search easy we have picked out the top 5 BitTorrent Client for Linux, all offering best torrent related services. Have a look at them below.


Best BitTorrent Client for Linux

  1. Deluge

Deluge is simply the best and the most powerful BitTorrent client for Linux and almost every Linux user has use it once. This torrent client is so simple yet brilliantly design and with an amazing performance that you can not find another torrent client as fast as Deluge is. This simple torrent client offers many 3rd party plugins both non-official and official ones that needs to be installed as per your requirement with this tool. And the best feature of this torrent client is that it manages system resources so well that your overall system performance will never be compensated just to download few files.



Download Deluge from here.

  1. qBittorrent

qBittorrent is another awesome BitTorrent client that offers a well-polished user interface, a well integrated and extensible search engine, bandwidth scheduler, all supported BitTorrent extensions and lot more features. This torrent client is very fast, stable and offers many features including the unicode support and is built as a open-source project. Among all the sharply built features in this torrent client the best feature is its high speed torrent creation tool, offering one of the quickest results in creating a torrent file.


qBitTorrent for Linux


Download qBittorent from here.

  1. uTorrent

uTorrent is undoubtedly the most used torrent client in Windows and Mac OS. And though the user experience of uTorrent might not be as satisfactory as Deluge for Linux users but still this torrent client is very lightweight, offers a lot of features, is really very easy to use, many different settings to increase the caching speed of torrents. The best things about using uTorrent is its collaboration with many artists who often release their music to be downloaded for free using uTorrent only. So not a bad bet overall even for the Linux users.

uTorrent for Linux

Download uTorrent from here.

  1. Transmission

Transmission is the default BitTorrent client for Linux Ubuntu and this open-source client is really very easy to use with no complex procedures, hidden bugs or anything like so. The torrent client uses very less CPU, lesser than almost all other GUI clients and so can work very well with the available system resources.


Download Transmission from here.

  1. Vuze

Vuze is an end-to-end torrent client and this lightweight torrent client is capable of downloading all your torrents very quickly. The best thing about Vuze is its community support as the client offers a rich search feature where in you can find almost everything you need from within the torrent client itself.



Download Vuze from here.

So pick out the one you think is the best, anyways all these torrent clients work amazingly well in Linux Systems. These were the best BitTorrent client for Linux that one can find on the internet free of cost. In case you have any other best bittorrent client for Linuxin mind, please share it with us in comments below.

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