AirDroid – Control Your Android Device Wirelessly

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We all love our big screen Android Smartphones. But there is a lot going on at times and you really cant’t manage everything using your phone. Say – You are busy with work and suddenly you get a text message , You need to movie away from your workspace and answer the call. So wouldn’t it be great if  you are able to access and control your Android Device wirelessly through your PC or Mac. Yeah – That is very much possible and we at TechAudible will teach you How to Control Your Android Device Wirelessly.




In order to begin using AirDroid, you must ensure your desktop PC or laptop is on the same wirless network as your Android device. This is to link up your mobile device with your desktop PC or laptop.The first time you run AirDroid after you install it, the app will ask you to log in to your AirDroid account or create a new account if you don’t have one yet.



  • When you open up Android on your Android device – It should show you a 16 Digit code or when you open on your you will have a QR Code which you can scan using your device. airdroid-web
  • Use either of the above methods to login to your Airdroid Account and Sync your Device with your PC – Wirlessly.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you’ll see icons, and other relevant information about your device. Your devices are now connected.

Here is the list of icons and a short description of what they do:



  • Messages – Create, receive or reply SMS messages.
  • Music – Manage and upload music content to your device.
  • Contacts – Manage and edit contact details.
  • Apps – Manage apps installed on your device or install an app with an APK file from your desktop.
  • Ringtones – Manage and upload phone, notification and alarm ringtones.
  • Frequent Contacts – Shows contacts you frequently communicate with.
  • Files – File explorer similar to exploring files when your device is plugged into your computer.
  • Videos – Manage, view and upload video files.
  • Screenshot – Take screenshots of your Android device (rooted devices only).
  • Call Logs – View or delete details of incoming, outgoing or missed calls.
  • Photos – Manage and upload photos on your Android device.

A few special things that AirDroid has are it’s camera App,Clipboard,Open in Web Feature. With the Camera App you can control your device camera using the on screen navigation options in your browser. The clipboard Widget let’s you save stuff to your device clipboard without even accessing it physically. This is a very handy feature when you need to copy some text and SMS it to someone and you don’t have your device next to you.Te Open in Web widget Opens the link you specify in the default browser of your Android Device.




Once you are done with messing around with your device – Make sure to disconnect the device through the Airdroid App. This will help save battery .If you have any issues setting up AirDroid hit us up in the comments section and we will be more than glad to answer your queries.

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