25 Best Windows 8.1 Themes – Free Download

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Whether it is any application or the whole Operating System, one is able to feel more personalized if he or she is able to apply his favorite theme on it. No doubt applying fancy themes on applications and OS gives a more stylish look to our PC. In addition to that it also saves us from the old and boring look that we have been seeing since a long time.


Windows 8.1 is the latest update of Windows launched by Microsoft so that the users using Windows 8 can update it and thus avail more useful and exciting features to the previous version. Similar to the most of the other Operating Systems, Windows 8.1 also possess a theme support since the day it was released, and no doubt it has been improving since then. So without wasting any more time, let us have a look on the top 25 Windows 8.1 themes available on the internet. But before that we should have a look at the procedure we need to follow before installing third party themes on Windows 8.

Third Part Themes and Steps to install them


There is no doubt that there are a lot of third party themes which are much better than official Windows 8.1 themes. But in order to apply them, you need to first patch UxTheme.dll file present on your PC. Given below are the steps that you need to follow in order to patch this UxTheme.dll file:

  • First of all you need to download an application known as UxTheme Multi-Patcher from here. This application is going to patch your UxTheme.dll file.
  • Now extract the content of the downloaded file in a folder and launch the tool. You must make sure that ‘Set Windows X’s Live as default home page’ is checked.
  • Now click on the patch button and rest of the work will be automatically done.

After that you just have to restart you PC once for the changes to take effect and then you can download and install third part themes on your PC.

So without wasting any more time, here are the top 25 best Windows 8.1 themes:

Top 25 Windows 8.1 themes

1. Abisso 2014

Abisso 2014

Abisso 2014 is the update of the previous version. It is a total black color theme which changes the whole interface of your system. People who love dark colors, it is a must download theme for them. In addition to that it makes your explorer windows translucent which gives a very cool effect. The theme changes almost each and every element of Windows 8.1 except the default icon pack. Download this theme from here.

2. Concave Visual Style

Concave Visula Style

Concave visual style is second on our list and is another elegant dark Windows 8.1 theme which transforms you PC into a more sophisticated form. It also shifts your taskbar at the top which gives a new feeling to the user when he or she looks at the desktop. The Start menu icon, the date style, everything is transformed and turned block by this theme. You can download this theme from here.

3. Cute Skin Pack

Cute Skin Pack


Cute skin pack as the name suggests is a very cute theme which offers the user very cute set of wallpapers as well as icons that are really very adorable. The theme also changes your logon screen by adding it in the computer’s registry and enables Aero in the Windows Basic. You can download this theme from here.


4. Kongo 8.1


Kongo is a very simple but one of the most popular and downloaded theme present on the internet. The reason behind its popularity is its simplicity. The user can choose the color of the theme either blue or black. Also there is no themes smart menu or any other fancy icons, but instead gives a very nice look to your PC. You can download this theme from here.

5. Ecology


Ecology is a brilliant theme which gives you PC a look bit similar to Mac. With a really nice icon pack, this theme also arranges the most used applications on your desktop in the form of tiles or widget which could be easily modified by the user. You can download this theme from here.

6. Simplify 8

Simplify 8 is an elegant as well as minimalistic theme for Windows 8.1 which gives a light grey overall color to your PC. The theme comes in addition with a dark version for those who love darker shades. It offers the use a very pleasant set of wallpapers and an exciting new cursor set to use. You can download this theme from here.

7. Utuwhite



Utuwhite theme for Windows 8.1 gives a wooden finish to your PC. With almost each and every element painted in wooden brown color, this them offers a brown and black perfect blend to your desktop. The user gets an icon pack along with wallpaper set in this amazing theme. You can download this theme from here.

8. R&B Theme


R&B theme for Windows 8.1 brings a blend of blood red color along with the forever classic black touch. The theme changes the taskbar and status bar color to black red as well as the processing and the small windows name bar to red. The icon set offered by this theme is a bit different and does not match the style, but overall it is able to provide a very nice look to your PC. You can download this theme from here.

9. Dark Lion

Dark Lion

Dark Lion is another theme that gives your PC a Mac look but with a touch of black and blue. The icon set offered in this theme is also totally black and cool. Most of the folders have a design upon them indication their purpose and storage. You can download this theme from here.

10. Xsmile



Xsmile is a bit weird but really simple and attractive theme with light decent color scheme as well as a very nice icon packs. Icon pack offered by this theme could also be said the main attractive part which makes users to download it at the very first look. You can download this theme from here.

11. Office 2010

Office 2010


Office 2010 is the theme which is exclusive for Windows 8.1 users. This theme transforms the desktop in a very different manner when compared to other themes. It gives a very professional look to you C as well as makes all the Microsoft Office applications accessible to you very easily. You can download this theme from here.

12. Racy


Racy theme is one of the most downloaded theme for Windows 8.1. Loved by people having special place for dark colors, this theme brings you a prefect mixture of Black with a pinch of Dark Blue at perfect spots. The normal text color of Windows programs is also changed to dark blue which adds up to its style. You can download this theme from here.

13. Ine Visual Scheme


Ine is a very simple visual theme for Windows 8 users which provides your PC a wooden background texture along with dark wood color. It also modifies the forward, back buttons etc. to make your PC look more elegant. You can download this theme from here.

14. Vanilla


Vanilla theme is perfect for those people who do not want any bright or dark colors to make their desktop and interface stylish. It is a simple them which changes your Windows color and buttons to light grey color. It also offers a lot of great HD wallpapers which goes perfectly with the theme. You can download this theme from here.

15. Xsun


Xsun is a very cute theme with cute wallpapers as well as great set of greenish big icons. The scheme color of this theme is dark brown which matches with all the wallpapers that you receive with the theme pack. You can download this theme from here.

16. Catdo 2

Catdo 2

Catdo 2 is a very funny as well as interesting theme for Windows 8.1 that offers a black and red interface to the user along with very versatile and funny icon pack. You will find the icons offered by this theme very interesting and amusing. You can download this theme from here.

17. Kemikal


Kemikal is a theme which is based upon the idea of Chemicals. Justifying the name, the theme offers its users chemical like wallpapers and a decent set of icon pack. One of the things that you will love about this theme is the button conversions. You can download this theme from here.

18. CamVS


CamVS is a very simple theme for you Windows 8.1 but still very attractive. This theme just has an orange color scheme which is applied at various places in the theme along with light grey background. You can download this theme from here.

19. CS6



CS6 is a very popular theme which is also available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 along with Windows 8.1. The theme has a simple black background and does not offer any icon set. But the HD colorful wallpapers that the theme offers give a very attractive look to the PC which make up for icon pack deficiency. You can download this theme from here.

20. Ubuntu Light

Ubuntu Light

Ubuntu Light is a theme for Windows 8.1 which changes your whole interface and makes it similar to Ubuntu Operating System. This theme changes each and every part of you Windows 8.1 into Ubuntu including the color, buttons, icons etc. You can download this theme from here.


21. Flash VS


Flash is a very interesting theme for Windows 8.1. It is a kind of clear and transparent theme that gives a refreshing feel to the user with the help of its nature colored Wallpaper set and icons pack. However, it also offers a blend of black with the transparency which may or may not be liked by few. Overall the theme is amazing and gives you a refreshing feeling each time you open your PC. You can download this theme from here.

22. Eco


Eco is a theme which is based upon the icy theme for Windows 8.1. The theme offers cold colors to the desktop along with wallpapers of some of the most beautiful as well as cold places on the earth. Also the looks of many other Windows applications are also changed to white. You can download this theme from here.

23. Minimal Taste

Minimal Taste

Minimal taste is a very childish type of theme for Windows 8.1 which is loved by people who love cartoons. There are a lot of cartoon wallpapers offered by the theme along with cartoonish icons and buttons. You can download this theme from here.

24. Windows 8.1 Dark

Windows 8.1 Dark


Windows 8.1 Dark is a theme from PacManix for Windows 8.1 which justifies its name. This theme is totally dark in color and just changes the Windows color scheme to complete black. It does not offer any icon pack to the user but customizes the taskbar and its icons. You can download this theme from here.

25. Amana White

Amana White

Amana White is a simple white color theme for windows 8.1 with a touch of black contrast at various places. The theme is totally white with some light wallpaper that contains extreme dark buttons or fillings at various spots. You can download this theme from here.


So these were the top 25 best Windows 8.1 themes that you can download on your PC to give it a total different as well as fancy, stylish look. I hope you try all these themes for yourself to find out which one among them suits you the best.

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